Wear This Right: Baju Melayu Teluk Belanga Slim Fit Style Advice To Remember

baju melayu teluk belanga slim fit

Despite eye-popping fashions such as the Black Panther-inspired baju koko conventional blouse and without sleeves baju Melayu tops, the Cekak Musang and Teluk Belanga remain the two most popular baju melayu teluk belanga slim fit patterns available. You can consult with any stylist who can guide you with his expert advice on the best way to wear this regal traditional men’s clothing as the Raya season approaches.

  • Baju Melayu essentials: Cekak Musang vs Teluk Belanga.

According to a well-known Terengganu-born designer, being a purist when it involves baju Melayu. The Cekak Musang design is a timeless classic that requires little refinement, with its distinctive 5-button get-up collar top tucked perfectly under a kain sampin that wraps around the waistline. Teluk Belanga style includes a blouse with a handcrafted tulang belut or ‘eel spine’ round neck neckline and a slit in the middle secured by a single button. Unlike the Cekak Musang pattern, the Teluk Belanga baju Melayu can be utilised with the kain sampin underneath the blouse rather than over it.

  • Fabric Trivia

 Being a traditionalist comes to wearing Baju Melayu. Your baju Melayu top and trousers, like any tailored suit, should be composed of the same material, such as cotton, linen, or satin. Individuals can get down with breaching this informal rule by replacing the baju Melayu trousers with a fine pair of black trousers, which can still look sophisticated for more relaxed occasions.

  • Achieving colour harmony

Families wearing similar-coloured traditional costumes is a beloved Hari Raya custom until the year the missus chooses a bright green colour that is doubtful at best.

If anyone wants a custom-made baju melayu teluk belanga slim fit that matches the colour of their family members’ outfits, you should watch your pocket as sometimes it is not worth shelling out so much on a neon green or pink baju Melayu that you would not wear to any open house afterwards. In most circumstances, the answer is negative. It is an excellent choice to balance would be to choose darker hues of the colours used by family members.

You should go for medium to light tones for daytime events, with deeper colours reserved for evening events.

Harsh, but accurate: in some instances, not wearing a baju Melayu is preferable to prancing around in an old, discoloured one with missing buttons or tears. A fully assembled and well-presented baju Melayu can have the same impact as a nice three-piece suit. It is timeless and still a good appearance to aspire for in the era of ‘hipster’ baju Melayu, thanks to the slim-cut trousers and ‘no socks’ style.

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