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There are so many clothing brands available now, some cheap, some super expensive, some trendy that everyone starts wearing, some emo, some comfortable, some absurd, and some out of fashion that some people still love. But there is yet another category—customizable fashion. Customizable fashion is not only something that designers make and sell at the cost of millions of dollars. Anyone can design customizable fashion. But making it on a big scale is not something that one person can manage alone. Usually, apart from any huge events, customizable clothes are designed and ordered for small events, like fiestas, college parties, any small organization, uniforms, etc. When custom clothes are called for any such event,they are usually overalls or t-shirts. If you also want customized t-shirts, you need to go to ocamptee.


Product Information


The company not only specializes in printing on t-shirts but also in various of clothing. This includes polo shirts, sweaters, hoodies, coats, windbreakers, baseball jackets, bags, pants, etc.

How does the company work?


Various printing methods are devised and used to print on the tees or the apparel the customer chooses. The different printing methods that are used for the aforementioned process are:

  • Screen printing
  • Digital hot stamping
  • Digital direct injection
  • Dye sublimation

You can choose any style and let the company know about it. It could be for your personal use or your organization or event. The company will require the design you want on your t-shirt to proceed with the order. Send the type of design you wish to be on your apparel, and the company will brief you about the best printing method. You can choose one, and the company will work accordingly.

Also, what type of cloth material should be used for apparel making will depend on the choice made by the customer. Generally, the most chosen option is cotton because it is comfortable. The customer is asked about the type of material while placing the order so that there are no order complications at the later stages of delivery and handling of the product. Apart from custom design and patterns, the company also prints the logos and information of the organization for which the order is meant. The customer chooses everything that goes on the t-shirt. From the type of material used for making the t-shirt to the printing method, designs, and even font styles and sizes.


Offers provided by the company


The company provides offers and discounts on orders from time to time. Student councils are the most benefited groups that get the advantage of these discounts. The student unions get the most deals and use these offers completely.

Contact Information


The information about the company’s social media handles is given at the top of its website. The WhatsApp numbers of the two managers are also provided in the same place. The customer receives a quotation after they place an order. If there is any trouble, the hotline is also offered on the site, along with the store address and working hours.

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