Before scalp micropigmentation, what takes place ?

Before scalp micropigmentation

Before micropigmentation of the scalp :

  • Before your visit, wash your hair and scalp.
  • Your doctor notes the regions of your scalp that need treatment when you get there.
  • If you are bald, you and your service provider could design a hairline depending on your age, head shape, and face structure.
  • Pigments that match the colour of your hair are chosen by you and your provider.
  • For your comfort, your doctor will apply numbing medication to your scalp. Scalp micropigmentation is typically less painful than getting a tattoo since the needles are smaller and thinner than those used for tattoos.

Your doctor applies medical-grade pigment with a needle to the parts of the scalp that need it. To give a genuine, hair -like appearance, the dots are different in size, angle, and depth. Depending on how big the treatment area is, it can take you up to five hours to complete your treatment. Most patients require three or more treatments, spaced out over a period of time. To give the appearance of thick hair, additional colour is added during each treatment. treatment for hair loss san antonio at Evo Scalp Micro can be done anytime with an advance appointment.

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Post – scalp micropigmentation conditions :

You can quickly return to your normal routine because there is no surgery or anaesthetic required. Scalp micropigmentation has extremely few adverse effects. Your scalp may experience some temporary redness for a few hours. If you want, you can cover your scalp with a hat or scarf. When compared to hair transplant surgery, scalp micropigmentation has the following advantages :

  • fewer intrusions (no surgery or incisions) .
  • reduced pain
  • lower price.
  • zero downtime
  • Using an unlicensed or untrained practitioner who does not take the appropriate safeguards carries the most dangers while having scalp micropigmentation done.

Potential dangers include :

  • response due to an allergy to the cosmetic pigments.
  • infection brought on by dirty needles.
  • unattractive or unnatural appearance following therapy.

To reduce these dangers :

  • Pick a certified scalp micropigmentation specialist.
  • Request to see examples of their prior and subsequent scalp micropigmentation procedures.
  • Before the operation , talk to the technician about any allergies you may have.

Scalp micropigmentation is not recommended for people who are prone to keloids (scars that enlarge beyond and beyond normal levels). Some patients may develop keloids as a result of the treatment.

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