Pack your suitcase like a pro with these 5 easy tips

Pack your suitcase like a pro with these 5 easy tips

Packing for a trip can be challenging, especially during autumn when our clothes take up more space than the ones from our summer vacation and we need to fit them all into a small luggage. If you need a bit of help on how you can safely take everything you need in your vacation without being overcharged at the airport, you came to the right place, as I have the 5 easy but perfect steps for you!

  1. Roll your clothes instead of folding them , it creases them

Let’s start with something that every professional traveler knows: you never fold clothes, you roll them. The main reason for why we do this is because by packing like this, we considerably save space, as we squeeze all the air between clothes so that more of them can fit it. Rolling your clothes will also prevent them from having wrinkles, so that once you get to the hotel you can grab your favorite pair of pants and a sweater and your outfit will be effortlessly perfect.

  1. Packing cubes

Ever since discovering packing cubes, my life has never been the same, as they are the only thing that can organize the mess that my luggage is every time I decide to go somewhere. You can find them for $20 on Amazon, they are machine washable and usually they have a few cubes of different sizes for your clothes, a laundry bag, a cube for shoes, and sometimes even a toiletries bag. If you’re a vivid traveler, such a small investment will make a considerable change not only in how your luggage looks, but also in how easy it will be to pack and find everything you need at the destination.

  1. Pack outfits, not separate pieces

One of the biggest mistakes a rookie traveler makes when packing for the first few times is not creating outfits beforehand and only throwing in the luggage separate pieces. I recommend packing entire outfits and making sure that your clothes and accessories are versatile and can be worn more than with only one look. One of my all-time favorite versatile accessories for autumnal trips is the Irish flat cap. I got mine in Ireland, but you can find great authentic flat caps online in stores like this It helped me stay warm last year in October when I went to the rainy Scotland, but it has also been my trusty friend when I suddenly got lucky with the sunny weather in Spain, so now it is a must-have in all of my fall and spring trips.

  1. Always pack an extra outfit

If you’ve never had your luggage lost after a flight, consider yourself a lucky man, but those of us who went through such an experience have surely learned a thing or two about packing. When putting together all the things you want to bring to your carry-on luggage, always pack the most expensive and necessary things such as your electronic devices, your documents like passports, cards and health insurance. Apart from them, make room for an extra outfit, underwear for a few days, as well as the toiletries that you’ll need until the airport hopefully finds your lost suitcase.

  1. Wear the heaviest things on the flight

Lastly, this trick is as old as the hills, but if you got some good inexpensive tickets especially at a low cost airline and you want to avoid paying extra if your bag turns out to be heavier than you thought, always wear your biggest clothes on the flight. Traveling during autumn can be hard, since your clothes take more space than the regular t-shirts and shorts that we need during summer, so wearing your heaviest clothing like your jacket, sweaters, and scarves on the plane will save you money and space.

Adaline Jackob

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