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A fun, festive way to add personality and excitement to regular balloons is with confetti balloons. With a funnel and pre-purchased confetti, making your confetti-filled balloons won’t take much time or work. Once you’ve done so, there are other variations you can try and uses for your confetti-filled balloons. Use balloons to decorate for events. Typical party décor is a balloon arch. Your confetti filled balloon will, however, be even more tempting due to the intriguing designs and vibrant decorative elements within.

All you need to know

To float, balloons require helium. Your balloon might not be floating because it is not completely inflated. Another possibility is that there is not enough helium and too much air, which prevents the balloon from rising. The simplest technique to get confetti to stick to the sides of a confetti balloon but prevent it from floating is to fill it with air. While helium will make the balloon float, the confetti will pool at the bottom of the balloon due to its inherent properties; for solutions, read our top ideas below. Due to the increased weight of the confetti within, confetti balloons have a shorter float life and should be inflated as tightly as possible.

Take a large bottle and fill it with aluminum foil pieces and sodium hydroxide. Fill up the bottle with water. The mixture-containing bottle’s mouth will now have a balloon fastened to it. Automatically, the combination in the container will produce hydrogen gas, which will rise and fill the balloons. Due to the weight of the confetti, balloons filled with it will not last as long as balloons without it. The advice is to blow them up right before the occasion. The bubble balloon price may vary depending on where you are. Go for the best after considering your needs and requirements.

bubble balloon price

A balloon’s float time can be shortened by various temperatures and humidity levels. We advise storing the balloons in a consistently warm space. In chilly air, the confetti balloons will somewhat deflate, and too much heat can cause the helium inside to expand and explode the balloon. Just to let you know, we recommend using a combination of air and helium when filling up our confetti balloons. Try filling the balloons partially with air and then completely with helium. Don’t worry if these balloons appear a little dull or hazy in color before they are inflated; they will turn clear.


Uninflated or damaged balloons can cause children under the age of eight to suffocate or choke. Adult supervision is necessary. Keep youngsters away from uninflated balloons. Throw away popped balloons right away. Always use a balloon pump to fill the balloon. Please throw away the confetti right away if the balloon pops; it poses a choking hazard. constructed from natural rubber latex.

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