Important Things to Know About Hose Clamps

norma hose clamps

Top quality stainless steel hose clamps that make your product more reliable. There is a wide range of hose clamps in various shapes, sizes, and brands to choose the shape that suits your requirements in heavy duty vehicles, marine, automotive, and other industrial applications.

Connectivity is an important part of both industrial and domestic purposes.

Over time, the lack of connectivity or communication interferes with industrial and domestic operations, misplaces processes, and throws things away. Among the industrial products in vogue, one of the main components that would make many business operations easier to run smoothly is plastic hose clamps.

Plastic clamps are designed to clamp and seal the hose on any fitting to which it is intended, such as a fitting, nipple, or other connection holes. While norma hose clamps made from metal or steel have traditionally been in vogue, the emergence of plastics as a reliable and inexpensive alternative to metal and long enough to match the cost derived from their metal counterparts has led to an increase in the popularity of plastics.

norma hose clamps

Before the advent of plastic, the most commonly used types were screw terminals, usually made of stainless steel, consisting of a thread pattern obtained by cutting or pressing. By placing a captive screw at one end where the hose was previously connected, the screw acts as a control mechanism or auger, causing the band to move closer to the hose.

These designs have been replaced with plastic hose clamps, as in the case of quick fit hoses, which are made of nylon and are mostly black. Unlike their metal counterparts, these plastic clamps can be quickly and easily attached or removed, making them easy to use and saving time.

With the growing acceptance of plastics as a viable alternative to the traditional metal options, plastic hose clamps will find more acceptance and application in the industry. In addition, plastic hoses also have adjustable fixing ranges, allowing them to adapt to different requirements regarding the diameters they need to cover, proving to be effective and beneficial in applications such as fixing the ends of textile covers in terms of their connections.


The company has been the leading manufacturer of stainless steel products for many years. Manufactured products are characterized by the highest strength and compact design, which ensures the efficient operation of the clamp. They use high quality raw materials such as stainless steel, which is the main material used to make these products, which is more durable than other materials and resistant to corrosion.

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