How to Choose Towels

Towel purchasing is a complicated matter. Certainly, you desire smooth, fluffy towels, however, what does the term “gram count” truly mean? And how can you choose the best from such a wide range of colors and styles? Spend some time reading the helpful instructions below before throwing in the towels. Such that your investigation goes as simply as possible, we’ve collected and divided all you require to understand regarding how to select luxury bath towels across some essential categories, ranging from height and weight to manufacturing.

Decide on Weight

The thickness of bath towels is estimated in grams per square meter, which ranges from 300 to 900. The slimmer and lightweight 300-400 gram towels are great for the exercise or the housework. These are faster to drain than heavy towels. Mid-weight towels with a gram per square meter of 400-600 are ideal for the beaches and may also use them for daily shower towels. Lastly, 600-900 grams per square meter is thick and absorbing, making it feel particularly luxurious while also necessitating a longer drying duration. Individuals like to find the best blend of dense, voluminous, and absorbency towels that are still lightweight to dry quickly.

Choose Your Cotton

Cotton towels are commonly used in everyday situations. Turkish cotton, on the other side, contains larger filaments that make towels last better and feel smoother. Turkish cotton bathrobes contain longer, thicker thread looping that soaks lots of water and retains heat. These are bulkier than regular towels and require more time to dry, making them ideal in resorts and salons. In case you want a rich, elegant feel, Turkish cotton is the way to go. With each washing, they get smoother and plumper. Another absorbing and long-lasting alternative is? Luxury bath towels were created using No Twisting technologies. This fabric is really nice and cuddly, and it dries quickly. Cotton towels with 0% twisting are light, resilient, and easy to travel.

Select Combed or Ringspun Construction

Combed towels were created by combing the fibers to eliminate short strands and detritus, allowing only the toughest and finest strands to be weaved into the shower towel. This method ensures long-term wear and avoids pilling. Shorter and longer fibers are twisted to make softer, thinner yarns in ringspun cotton, whereas terry fabric is weaved with wider string looping and additional yarns in terry cloth. To prevent tearing, opt for towels with banding corners.

Pick the Color and Style

Focus on choosing a pile of towels in some kind of a bright hue or design to bring warming, finished appearance to your restroom. Another alternative is to equip your cupboards with colors that correspond to the seasons. Fluffy white is the most traditional option, as they are ageless and go with every design or location.

Hope now you have enough information to pick the right towel for you.

Adaline Jackob

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