How to look for the ideal men’s perfume?

Buying a perfume will not be a one-stop shop because most people have different tastes in perfume. The art of using perfume is a personal type of thing. When you visit a shop and you like someone else’s perfume and you think that it fits you. You have to know whether it fits your personality before you buy it. Maybe you think a few years ago that you remember a perfume but when you wear it, you don’t like the smell. Or there are days that the perfume is stronger compared to the others. Sometimes you get confused about why perfumes are changing from person to person. And the secret is it depends on your body chemistry. It has a personal and unique touch on human body functions. To choose the perfect perfume you have to know the parts of your body chemistry and test the perfumes. And the aftershave is one of the best shops that you need to visit when buying a perfume.

Know your skin type

It is one of the necessary things that can change how the perfume will smell is the type of your skin. You have to know whether your skin is oily or dry. As the oilier you get, the less perfume you need and the scent will last longer.

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Your skin will depend on your lifestyle, stress levels, and diet. These things will affect your skin. It will mix in your perfume and sweat. When you have oily skin, your body will make a unique odor and the aroma will mix with the perfume.


For people that have rough skin, it traps the fragrance which the perfume will last longer. The fragrance will evaporate fast on dry skin. Oil is one of the ingredients in perfume that supports it to stay.


Everyone has its natural skin pH and when your skin’s pH is mad it will not absorb the scent and it will be rebalanced. For you to know your skin is acidic, when your skin is dry, you have to moisturize well before looking for a perfume. The moisture helps the perfume to stay longer.


When you are calm and focusing on your mood it will help you to know when will you wear perfume and when it is not. Body heat is one of the factors that you need to watch out for. Because the hotter temperature your body has it will be more concentrated. During the summer when your body is hot, your perfume will smell stronger.

Testing it first

It is the same when you buy shoes and dresses as you need to try them first before buying which you can adapt to perfumes. When you think that you smell good but others are not enjoying the scent that you have and your perfume. The ideal way to buy a good perfume is for people will tell you how good you smell. It is a good rule to try before you buy.

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