The Ugly Truth about Having a Mutant Quirk in My Hero Academia

The Ugly Truth about Having a Mutant Quirk in My Hero Academia

Discrimination exists even in the realm of superheroes. In My Hero Academia, those who have a Mutant Quirk are seen as second-class people.


my hero academia merchandise is set in a fanciful universe full with extraordinary superpowers and incredible heroes. The series continuously emphasises that everyone may be a hero, regardless of whether or not they have a Quirk. Even if a person’s Quirk appears to be bizarre or worthless, they can still find a way to be heroic. Although everyone may be a hero, people with Mutant-type Quirks find the road to heroism far more arduous.


In the My Hero Academia Merchandise universe, the great majority of individuals have a Quirk that sets them apart in some way. In the majority of situations, society has adapted to accommodate these individuals and make them feel welcomed. Those with Mutant-type Quirks are generally treated as second-class citizens and are not treated with the same respect. Individuals with Quirks that make them look less human or have additional appendages face discrimination, suffering, and, in some cases, death just because of their appearance.


What are the characters and how are they helpful?


One of the first characters to be impacted by this anti-mutant attitude is Mezo Shoji. Shoji was up in a community where Mutant Quirks were shunned, and people were often terrified of his appearance. A tiny girl cried when she first saw his face. To keep others from feeling disheartened by his look, Shoji now wears a mask everywhere he goes.


Shoji’s inability to show people his true self must be distressing. Despite his suffering, Shoji is committed to becoming a Pro Hero and bears no ill will toward those who have wronged him. He’s a kind guy who’s learnt to exist in a world that’s terrified of and repulsed by his true self.


Mutant Quirks people are also wrongfully judged and considered to be bad because to their looks. Another form of bias is Gang Orca. In the category of heroes who resemble villains, he is rated third. Gang Orca doesn’t dress up like a bad guy or act dishonourably. He’s actually extremely kind, and he’s a big supporter of aspiring heroes. His rating is purely determined by how his Quirk alters his physical appearance. He’d probably be a more popular hero if he appeared more human.

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