How to buy reliable N95 masks?

buy reliable N95 masks

The most trustworthy face mask to defend against coronavirus is the N95 mask. But these days, due to the increased demand many companies have started to manufacture masks. Many companies design the masks without the proper guidelines. This leads to counterfeit masks that are not safe to use. Getting an authentic mask from the right provider is essential.

Everyone should understand that not all masks are created equal. One should be aware of fake masks and should choose only the quality masks from the right place. But there are some ways that help you to easily spot the difference between the real and fake one. So, you should carefully evaluate the details before choosing to purchase one. Here are a few signs that N95 masks are not safe to purchase.

Buying N95 masks

NIOSH logo spelled wrong:

It is easy to notice the missing NIOSH logo or it can be spelled wrong. The fraudulent providers will make these mistakes while manufacturing the masks. So, you should check for the logos and spelling carefully when purchasing the mask. Also, it should come with a validated TC number that is in a certain format.

Ear loops instead of the headband:

Another common sign of a fake mask is the presence of ear loops. The quality masks would contain only the headband so that one could create the fit they want. So, you should carefully choose the masks that come with a head band.

No markings:

If you find the mask with no marking, then it is also a fake mask. Because the quality and reliable masks come with the prints. If you find the whole mask in the same shape, then you should not purchase it.

No decorations:

Today wearing the mask has become a trend among people. So, many are creating masks with decorative fabrics that are not good to use. You should find the masks that come without any decorative fabrics and they are not authentic. Choosing to wear decorative fabrics in healthcare units can be a high risk.

Approved for children:

One should be aware that NIOSH does not approve the N95 or any other mask types for the children. If you find the manufacturer market that the masks are for children, then you should not trust them to buy.

Hence, these are a few signs of a fake mask. If you want to know about the best brands, then click here.

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