Gifts for a true anime fan

Gifts for a true anime fan

A true anime fan knows about his or her favourite characters best! But if you have one such friend and don’t know what to give them, then this is for you. There is a wide range of gifts like wallpapers, demon slayer figure to plush toys with famous anime characters.

These gifts are sure to bring a smile to anime lovers when gifted. Before we begin let’s see why people like anime so much, the famous anime and finally the gifts so you know what you are getting into.

Why do people love anime so much

  • Anime has very deep themes that touch people. It makes it look like they are all real characters and have great character sketches.
  • There is something for everyone in anime.
  • Anime has striking visuals and backgrounds.
  • People connect well with anime.

Demon slayer figure

Famous anime characters of all time

There are some characters loved by people throughout time. For example, the recent super hit Kimetsu No Yaiba gave anime fans Tanjirokamado the most sought out character.

  • Some of the famous characters include,
  • LelouchLamperouge- One of the most complex characters ever in anime.
  • L Lawliet- High-level intelligence, eccentric personality and a great detective.
  • Light Yagami- the saviour of humanity and killer of criminals.
  • Naruto Uzamaki- He is a hard worker and a role model who believes in friendship.

Gifts to be given for anime fans


  • My hero academia is one of the most hit anime series. The costume worn by the character is so famous that it can be purchased as a hoodie.
  • Demon slayer figure– Tanjirokamado from Kimetsu No Yaiba is a very famous character. The figurines of it can be purchased from Demon slayer
  • Gift Manga books- some of the most iconic books include The art of spirited away and Princess Mononoke.
  • Plush toys and pillows of famous characters.
  • Wall scrolls of famous characters.
  • Naruto shirt- Naruto is a very bright inspiring character.
  • Gift a good movie CD which can be kept for life. Many movies by Studio Ghibli are really good like Spirited away.
  • Dragon ball z snow globe that represents the iconic 4-star golden ball.

Apart from these, there are many gifts like sweatshirts, journals and diaries with pictures and even onesies.

Based on the interest and likeness to whom it is going to be gifted, one can choose from a wide collection of gifts.

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