Everything You Need To Know About Cheesecakes

When you hear the word “cheesecake,” you probably envision some platonic ideal of a creamy, silky, ivory confection. However, there are various sorts of cheesecake, and while some people would be satisfied to lump them all together as New York cheesecake and anything else, some prefer to be more specific.

Cheesecake is delicious in all of its forms, but the reality that there are so many might be confusing—just saying “cheesecake” doesn’t guarantee you’ll get exactly what you want. The most common dessert is a silky-smooth, rich cream cheese-based dish, but even then, the particular can vary.

Why cheese cakes are best?

Most cheesecakes feature a crust, which is usually a simple press-in mixture of graham cracker crumbs or cookie crumbles. Shortbread-like crusts are common in New York style cheesecakes, and Junior’s is noted for its sponge cake crust (it can also have a brilliant brownie crust). It can be composed of virtually anything, from broken biscotti to finely ground almonds, with a little butter or other fat to keep it together during a little pre-bake—or you can leave it out entirely.

Don’t label any flavoured cheesecake New York style unless you want to cause a quarrel; those should taste largely of the main ingredient (cream cheese). However, once you start experimenting with other types of cheesecake, you can get creative with ingredients like fruit, chocolate chips, canned pumpkin, spices, liqueurs, and flavoured extracts, to name a few.

Rich in flavour and best 

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