Tips on Choosing the Best Hair Wax for Your Hair Type

Tips on Choosing the Best Hair Wax for Your Hair Type

Hair is an integral part of your body that can say a lot about your sense of style. If you have a neat and proper hairstyle, then people will say that you love looking clean outside, and if you have a spiky hairstyle, people will think your sense of style aligns with rock ‘n roll. That’s why the world of men’s products constantly evolves to cater to the different needs of people. One of these hair styling products that men will enjoy is hair waxes. If you need hair waxes, check out

I think SGPomades have the best hair waxes in Singapore. They have different types of hair waxes you can choose from according to your hair type and density. So if you’re currently searching for the best hair wax to style your hair with, make sure to check out the list below!

Know the Effect You Want to Give Your Hair

Most of the time, hair waxes give your hair a more natural and casual look. That’s why waxes are a great styling product for all styles. But depending on the hair wax you choose, you’ll still get a different hairstyle and finish. For example, a matty hair wax can give your hair a matte finish and is perfect for more casual styles. Sculpty hair waxes are ideal for heavier and more classic hairstyles. Some waxes can make your hair shine. Finally, some variations of hair waxes can give your hair more texture.

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Find the Right Fixation Level

All hairstyles are different, so not all styles have the same level of hold. The hold will largely depend on the durability and effect you want to get, so choose a hair wax with a greater or lesser degree of fixation depending on the hairstyle you want. So the less hold, the more natural the style will be. Also, a lesser hold will mean that your hair will be more easily and less weight on your head. On the other hand, the greater the hold, the longer the hairstyle will last.

Look for the Right Texture

There are different types of waxes that have different textures and degrees of fixation. So looking for the right texture allows for adequate distribution and function of the product. You can choose from light and soft textures you can choose from. It will give the hair a kind of consistency that will make you look the way you want. At the same time, the degree of fixation can help a lot once it’s mixed with the texture that you have chosen.

A Hair Wax that’s Easy to Remove

One of the factors that will matter is a wax that’s easy to remove. There are water-soluble hair waxes that can be removed or rinsed out once you wash them. It shouldn’t be greasy or cakey when you try to take it off your hair.

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