Baby’s breath bouquet – From filler flower to a showstopper

Baby’s breath has been one of the most popular filler flowers for bouquets and flower arrangements. Initially, it was used solely as a filler flower. But the world has recognized its beauty, and now, a baby’s breath bouquet is a beauty in itself. From being a side dish to being a centrepiece, this flower serves the looks and has grown more popular over time.

History of Baby’s Breath flower 

Baby’s breath flowers have been believed to originate from Eurasia and travelled to Africa and Australia. They came to America in 1828 because the Victorian gardeners were falling for these dainty blossoms. Throughout the 1990s, they were used in flower arrangements and bouquets to fill the gaps and bring it all together. Fast forward to the present, and they are treasured all over the world.

Meaning and significance 

Baby’s breath holds high regard in Great Britain for the meaning and symbolism it is associated with. This flower symbolized purity and everlasting, unconditional love. This is the reason why they always find their spot in wedding floral arrangements and the Bride side’s bouquet. But because of its growing popularity, only baby’s breath bouquet is also cherished by many brides. Also, someone has a past love that wasn’t fulfilled; this is the flower to go for.

Another meaning that a baby’s breath holds is innocence. Since infants are often associated with sheer innocence and purity, the name of this flower s is a strong symbolism. Consequently, one can always find this flower in baby showers or in bouquets for a new mother. Pink and white ones are very popular for welcoming a baby girl. Many florists even dye them in different colors as per the customer’s demands.

Why is baby’s breath popular? 

  1. They are beautiful and elegant yet delicate and fragile.
  2. This flower can be used with any other flower in a bouquet.
  3. They easily go with the theme of most weddings.
  4. They have an excellent shelf life of 5-14 days.
  5. They are easy to grow and take care of, making them suitable for beginners.

Baby’s breath is a delicate flower that may look simple to others, but they create a masterpiece when tied together. Lilies, roses, and orchids seem too mainstream now. Baby’s breath flowers are beautiful and charming, enough to melt anyone’s heart. This is the reason why there is hardly any flower shop that doesn’t sell baby’s breath.

Adaline Jackob

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