What are meat tenderizers?

Why must you fight with meat that is so tough to chew? You can rather use a meat tenderizer to prepare delicious cuts of meat.

There are protein bonds in meat and what meat tenderizers do is simply break down that dense bond and they allow the moisture to simply penetrate in the meat when it cooks.

To make a palatable meal, a meat tenderizer uses sharp blades and needles to break these bonds.

Meat Tenderizer Options

When you are cooking chicken, steak, or roast, or for that matter any other kind of meat it should be tender and succulent, and ensure that your meat meets these expectations you must always use a meat tenderizer.

There are several factors to consider when you choose a meat tenderizer. These include the thickness of the meat, the size of meat and the amount of countertop space that you have, and also any protective and unnecessary features that can help you to use the gender eyes safely without hurting yourself or anyone else.

There are a few things that you must keep in mind when you are picking up a meat tenderizer to use in your kitchen. A tenderizer that you cannot watch in your dishwasher and that needs to be washed by hand by using a brush, manual washing of such meat tenderizers can help eradicate any remains of food on it. Also at the same time, they protect the hands from any kind of accidental cuts. A few of the products might also come with a design that is particularly made for the brush to fit the shape of the points, needles, and blades and also fit the size perfectly.


 Kitchen stools can be dangerous and when you are using a kitchen tool that is designed to tenderize need you must be very prudent and make sure that you don’t it cause harm to yourself or to anyone around a few easy features that are meant for your safety can help you avoid any accidents or injuries some such features are guards, retractable blade and blade locks.

Retractable blades make sure that the blades retract into the tenderizer when there is no pressure applied on them. whereas blade lock maintains the needles and blades locked in place so that even if there is any accidental pressure applied on them they don’t accidentally hurt you and guards can be used on all kinds of meat tenderizer, generally made of plastic and they fit the blades and the heads of all tenderizers.

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