Some basic tips for buying the best calendar


When it comes to buying the best calendar, the first thing that you have to do is determine precisely what you’re looking for in a calendar. A calendar can be used practically anywhere from your office desk to your bedroom wall. It makes sense then that some calendars are more versatile than others, and some may even be explicitly designed for specific purposes. 


Here’s a list of ways on how to get the most out of your money:


1. Determine if you want a Desk Calendar or an Unlimited Calendar


The best desktop planners come in two primary forms: perpetual and yearly planners. As their names suggest, each type contains information either carried over from year to year or seen by the user every January (for yearly planners).


If you think you will be using your calendar for more than one year, you should consider an unlimited calendar. This type of planner also comes in two forms: the wall planner and desk planners. Wall calendars are ideal if you want something decorative on your walls, whereas desk planners are best used as a daily organizer.


2. Be aware of how many months it has


The number of months that come included with the calendar can vary tremendously depending on its purpose. 


3. Look at its features


Here are some things you should consider looking at before buying a calendar:


● Is it designed to be decorative? Or would you only use it as an organizer? This will ensure that you get what you need without wasting money on something you don’t want/need.


● What kind of paper type does the calendar feature? Can it withstand daily exposure to sunlight and water? Does it have unique paper properties (i.e., tear-away pages, pockets, etc.)?


● How much information does it include on a daily/weekly/monthly basis?


4. Determine how you will use your calendar


First of all, decide if you want to have a calendar that can be used for more than just one year since most planners are designed to only last from January to December. If this is the case, then you should consider getting an unlimited desk or wall planner.


Next, think of what you will be using your new calendar for, such as keeping track of dates and appointments and keeping notes and reminders. This way, you’ll know if there’s anything specific about the product that would help enhance its purpose (i.e., a pocket where you can store important papers).


5. What features does it offer?


Some of the features that you can look for when buying your following calendar include:


● Does it have pockets where you can store important papers? Or does it just have paper inserts that can be easily ripped off or misplaced?


● Does it come with a planner and pen? If not, then this will require another additional purchase.


● How many pages does each month contain? Most desk calendars only feature one month per page, but wall planners usually include a couple of months on a single page. This way, there’s more room to write down events and decorate the space with stickers or markers.

Adaline Jackob

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