Things to know about contact lenses

Generally contact lenses are worn to correct the vision in then people who have sight issues. Sight can be corrected by wearing spectacles. But some people think that wearing spectacles may effect the beauty. So, they prefer wearing contact lenses in the place of spectacles. Wearing contact lenses will provide an impression that you don’t have any vision related issues to other people. You can’t decrease your sight at once when you are not interested in wearing spectacles. In such cases you can start wearing contact lenses and can stay with comfort. But you have to take some precautions while using contact lenses. These precautions are necessary for a good eye health. Bad maintenance of the contact lenses would effect your eyes and also to your vision. Some people love to have coloured eye balls and would like to have such coloured eyes. In such cases you can wear the cosmetic contact lenses of any colour you like. There are different colours of contact lenses like blue, green, grey, brown, honey and many more. You can try changing different colors daily. You can also try white contacts when you want to go any themed event.

Precautions while wearing the contact lenses:

  • You should not wear contact lenses when you have any eye infection. Wearing contact lenses would be uncomfortable if you have sore eyes, watery eyes or any infection.
  • You should not use white contacts on any other doctor prescribed contacts for vision correction. Using lenses in a wrong way would affect your eyes and eye sight. So always consult a doctor if you decide to wear any type of lenses.
  • You have to check the expiry date of the contact lenses and have to discard them once expired. You should also keep a check on the contact lenses weather it is in good condition or damaged. The contact lenses may turn off or would get some scratches when not stored in a proper way.
  • Avoid using contact lenses when swimming or during a shower. The contact lenses may fall off from your eyes in such cases. If you want to use contact lenses in such cases, you can protect them by using goggles and thus prevent water falling into eyes.
  • Avoid rubbing your eyes when you worn contact lenses. This may cause dislodging of contact lenses and may also irritate your eyes.


Hope you got an idea on the precautions that should be followed while using contact lenses.

Adaline Jackob

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