What are the things you need to do in taking good care of your skin?

What are the things you need to do in taking good care of your skin?

You might think that you have oily, dry, or sensitive skin but do you know what your skin type is? When you know your skin type it will help you when you are buying cosmetics. And when you use the wrong products that you have seen on the internet for your skin type. It could complicate the dryness, acne, and other skin problems. But when things get complicated you better seek a doctor.

Doing your daily skincare

It doesn’t matter what your skin type is. When you’re doing a daily skincare routine it will manage your skin health. It can improve any scarring, dark spots, and acne. It has four simple steps that you can do once you wake up in the morning and before sleeping.


You better choose a cleanser that doesn’t tighten your face after washing. You only wash your face once. When you have dry skin and you are not wearing makeup you need to avoid washing your face to a super clean. It only means that your natural oils are gone. Although cleansers are working for all skin types.


When you have a serum that has vitamin C or any growth factors it is better to use it in the morning under your sunscreen. And every night you can use retinol or any retinoids will work.


Your oily skin also needs a moisturizer too. You can only use a lightweight, non-comedogenic, and gel-based. For dry skin, you can use a cream-based moisturizer. Look for brands that have a cream or gel on the packaging.


You better put a sunscreen that has 30 SPF 15 minutes before you head out. It will take time for the sunscreen to activate. When you have darker skin tones you need more sun protection. It is because of hyperpigmentation that is hard to correct.

Treating skin problems

You can use these when you have skin problems without even damaging your skin. The only thing that you need to remember is don’t pick. When you pick your scabs, acne, or blackheads it can cause an open wound or even darker spots. Which is known as hyperpigmentation. Open wounds will cause you infections, scars, more pimples. The deeper it will get the more it will make a scar. There are also some skincare products for sensitive skin that you can use.

skincare products for sensitive skin


It will matter depending on how serious or deep your acne is. Having skincare is a necessary part of treating acne. Although for mild acne you can use nonprescription products.

  • Tea tree oil
  • Salicylic acid
  • Adapalene
  • Benzoyl peroxide
  • Alpha hydroxy acids

You better use sunscreen when you use these products in the morning. It is because they can be a little sensitive.

For individual and inflamed pimples you can use acne patches or stickers. These are thick, clear patches that work like spot treatments. It is to lessen any infections and blemishes. It is better to use it overnight to pull out the fluid.

Scars, blemishes, and hyperpigmentation

It takes about a few weeks to months to fade and heal. To treat scars and blemishes you use makeup and sunscreen. It is to avoid any sun damage and hyperpigmentation. You can use these ingredients to fade it faster.

  • Honey
  • Vitamin c
  • Silicone
  • Niacinamide
  • Retinoic acid

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