What Is A Light Stick And Why Is It More Popular?

During heart-wrenching moments, tiny lighter flames used to illumine dark concert stadiums. Then there were the phone flashlights, which flashed brightly for anyone to see. Light sticks have been invented by K-pop fandoms as a much more high-tech way of expressing their love for their stars.

To be honest, any newcomer to the Kpop Merchandise couldn’t entirely grasp it. Until BTS’ tour “Love Yourself: Speak Yourself” was witnessed earlier. For the first time, there was an opportunity to witness firsthand astonishing phenomena known to fans as “the ocean.” A swarm of concertgoers turned on their lights in the dark, blanketing the arena in colour and light.

What are light sticks and how do you use them?

These LED sticks, are powered by AAA batteries, feature Bluetooth connectivity, and have won the hearts of tens of thousands of loving fans. They not only determine the idols’ group identity, but also the community that surrounds them. You’d be hard-pressed to find a group right now that doesn’t have a light stick. Their designs are like small works of art, with some being simple and graceful and others being incredibly detailed. You can buy light sticks at Kpop Store.

The more involved the light sticks can be, the greater the concert production value and the more popular the ensemble gets. You may obtain a sea of a single colour or a rainbow of colour-changing lights. Whether they’re flashy or basic, they’re all collaborative tools for good – a visual reflection of millions of fans around the world coming together to convey how much their idols mean to them.

A brief history of K-Pop light sticks

There have always been ways to communicate community enthusiasm across K-“generations.” However, light sticks as we know them now were not used until the second generation of idols. Essentially, they were basically significantly prettier glow sticks. It doesn’t seem necessary to state that their invention had two main goals, although the first was just to have fun. The second goal was to better demonstrate that solidarity and set you apart from other fandoms.

Light sticks’ power

There is strength in numbers in every organised movement. Light stick oceans can convey a lot of love, but they can also indicate a lot of disdain. At any point, fandom arguments about colour resemblance, copyright claims, and general mutual animosity might erupt into a “black ocean.” More importantly, light sticks can have a personal impact on supporters. The BTS fan used to solely use their ARMY Bomb for concerts, but BTS’s music has aided in dealing with a variety of mental health challenges.

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