Top High Quality Luggage market in Singapore

Since many Singaporeans travel frequently, it’s better to buy quality luggage Singapore rather than cheap luggage that won’t fall apart once you unload it from the conveyor belt.

In fact, broken wheels and torn seams can be fatal to the clothes available at Fortuna Square.

Here are some luggage items, from the cheapest to the biggest brands, that have retained their quality for many people who are tired of changing luggage every couple of years.

American Tourister Ellen Spinner 29 in

Perhaps because it’s already been featured on the Summer Snow blog, American Tourister is one of the most sought-after suitcase manufacturers for young Singaporeans. The bright, cheerful colors will appeal to those who don’t like boring black, and while this model is significantly more expensive than the Fortune Plaza suitcases, the price is low enough to place it in the lower end of the mid-price range.

Samsonite Arq Spinner 28 in

Samsonite is to luggage what McDonald’s is to fast food. They are the leading luggage manufacturer. They don’t sell cheap luggage, but they do sell very durable luggage. They offer a 10 year international warranty against manufacturing defects. This makes their luggage very economical.

Victorinox Spectra 29″ 8 wheel suitcase

Victorinox is the company that developed the Swiss army knife and is widely represented in the luggage Singapore. Their cases are understated but very bright and no one will ever guess that these are the Beverly Hills Polo Member cases you get in Pasar Malam.

Made of 100% pure Bayer polycarbonate, the Spectra 29″ 8-wheel suitcase is durable and cool. The cost may put off those looking for a low-cost suitcase for the first time, but this is probably one of the best quality items you can get at this price.

Bric’s Bellagio V2 27″ Spinner

Bric’s Milano is barely known in Singapore, but it is one of the most stylish and popular travel goods manufacturers in the world. So, if you don’t want to buy a product from an “unknown manufacturer”, relax. There’s always a reason for this luggage.

Made of polycarbonate and Tuscan leather, this rotating bag is stylish enough to make you look like George Clooney at the airport.

Tumi Alpha 3 29 inch (medium travel)

The new Tumi Alpha 3 series doesn’t differ much from the Alpha 2 series; the mid-compartment is potentially very spacious at 108 liters, and the growth system saves up to 25 cm of space.

Let’s be honest, Tumi models are not known for being affordable luggage. But what’s the difference? It’s made from a “ballistic nylon” that’s very tough on the outside, which means it’s stronger than many other luggage items that airport authorities kick out because they’re TUMI. Appropriate accessories such as luggage tags, monogrammed patches, purses and zippers can be added for an additional fee.

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