Factors to Consider While Buying Persian Rugs

Don’t be afraid to shop for an authentic Persian rugs online Australia. You will have a wonderful buying experience if you select a trusted internet store. Online businesses specialising in high-quality, authentic Persian carpets provide you with a wide selection of carpets at various pricing points. Here, we have mentioned a few factors to consider while you buy Persian rugs.


This is the first step in the process. Think about how much you want to spend on a new rug. You get what you pay for in the rug industry; higher quality will cost more.


You must first decide where you want the rug to go and what size it should be to fit the space. Cost of the rug increases with size. To save money, choose the smallest rug that will fit in the space you have. Measure the area you want to cover on the floor (or on the wall). Consider a minimum and maximum length and width for both the length and width.

Density of knot

The knots per square inch on Persian rugs normally range from 30 to 300. Rugs with 30 knots per square inch are of inferior quality and have a coarser texture, as well as being less expensive. Rugs with 300 knots per square inch are expensive, but they are of remarkable quality and thickness.

The wool’s type

Although camel or goat hair can be utilised, it is not recommended in excess. Although these fibres give a carpet a gloss, they are difficult to dye, and the rug’s colour may fade faster than if it were woven with sheep wool.

Kurk wool comes from the sheep’s neck, belly, and underarms. Because it is incredibly fine, thin, and long stapled, this wool is considered the greatest choice. Kurk wool is often used only in the best weavings. The surface is practically drab, yet the pile is exceedingly compact, hard, and solid.

Wool spun by hand or by machine

Hand-spun or machine-spun wool is used to make rugs. Wool rugs that have been hand-spun are more valuable. Every rug is unique due to the hand spinning. Machine-spun wool carpets provide a smoother, more uniform appearance.

Natural or synthetic dyes

Natural dyes add approximately 30% to the cost of a rug. Natural dyes are more real and therefore more desirable. They do, however, have a more limited colour palette. Natural dyes have a more muted palette than chrome (synthetic) dyes, which can be brighter and more vibrant. Chemical dyes are more colourfast than vegetable dyes, and vegetable dyes are more colourfast than chrome dyes in some cases. Natural dyes will show minimal variation. Chemical dyes are most likely to blame. Natural colours have a more earthy tone to them.

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