Goose down pillows – Is it superior?

The mattress and bedding industry has boomed so much that they tend to offer a lot of variety be it pillows or comforters. There are lots available in the market right from foam pillows with synthetic filling, cooling pillows, and many more to name. However, the traditional pillows with down fillings never faded from the market, even if their price tends to grow upscale.

The reason being,

  • Comfort and luxurious effect.
  • Soft and fluffy nature.
  • The best insulating factor.

Why they are better than the other pillows?

  • The Goose down pillow is known for their most comfortable, soft, and fluffy nature because they are made from the fibers of the goose that are taken from the chest of the goose.
  • These cluster-like downs appear to be fluffy that have an insulating property. So when the air gets inside the fibers, they tend to give better space for your head in whichever position you place and comfort. They don’t tend to flatten over time.
  • This effect will not be available in the regular foam-based pillows and they tend to get flatten over the period, making it uncomfortable for sleeping.

Fill power and fill weight

  • The fill power means the amount of space that an ounce of downs will occupy in a pillow.
  • The fill weight means the amount of down inside the pillow.

These are the 2 terms that you will come across when you look to buy a quality down pillow.

  • The higher the fill power will give you a lighter yet fluffier pillow. It refers to the quality of the down used inside to fill the pillow. The good quality ranges from 550-800.
  • The fill weight means the actual number of down clusters added to your pillow. The higher, the fill weight, the firmer the pillow is, and vice versa.

Reasons to choose down pillows

  • If you are looking for a more fluffy and voluminous pillow, the down pillows are the best option. They don’t get flattened.
  • They also offer you great comfort, unlike feathered pillows or foamed ones.
  • The down pillows are the long-lasting ones, given the fact that the clusters will bounce back to the original shape when the compression given by the head is removed.
  • Though these down pillows are a bit expensive in the market compared to the other varieties, you need not think otherwise before investing in them, because nothing comes with a lesser price.

The better you spend, the better you have comfort at sleep.

Do’s and Don’t’s

  • Taking good care of the product will increase its life span.
  • Do not use the down pillows with wet or oily hair.
  • Follow the manufactures care instructions.
  • Always use it with a quality pillowcase.
  • Wash the down pillows and make sure to sun dry them completely.


The above information gives you a better understanding of why to opt for Goose down pillow and what to look for when you want to buy them.

Adaline Jackob

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