5 Types of Bangles for engagement Jewellery Ideas

All sorts of ornaments are much loved by men and women. Gold is one among the various precious metals which is among the foremost and is both costly and alluring. Bangles for engagement are mostly formed in gold and include a huge variety of patterns and styles. Here are four types of bangles that are going to complement your engagement jewellery ideas.

Gold bangles – Bangles made from gold are accessible in 18 carat, 22 carat and 24 carat. They can also be purchased from online stores at numerous rates. Nowadays there are a lot of online stores that displays a huge number of bagles in various designs and styles to suit every individual and taste or demands.

Kadas – These bangles are very much popular and quite wide in its shape and formed together with hinges. They are typically hand made with complex styles and patterns. Many of these bangles are also decorated in precious as well as semi precious stones such as diamonds, rubies, emeralds and topaz. As some of the of the best engagement jewellery ideas, kadas are often decorated with pearls too. Nowadays kadas are available with a perfect blend of the traditional coupled with style.Traditional bangles – These bangles are embedded in ancient designs as well as patterns that will never fade when it comes to styles. The bangles are typically found in a set. It includes two that are of ancient styles and are embedded with precious stones rubies and emeralds. Most of the people choose to wear traditional bangles because it suits all types of coloured outfits.

Antique bangles – They are some of the most in demand wide bangles and are quite rare. As popular engagement jewellery ideas, these are available in standard patterns and designs that are embedded by skilled artisans. Antique bangles are popular, thanks to it glorious patterns and styles. Most of the bangles are decorated with stunning beads and stones. Nowadays, they are accessible in several online as well as offline jewellery stores at cheap value rates. Also, they are available in on online stores that are successfully showcasing a large variety of styles and designs that make it very simple to purchase and shop.

Diamond bangles – Bangles made of diamonds can be purchased from an online boutique store because they successfully showcase their jewellery in the most enticing of ways. Diamonds are embedded nicely on the bangles with various patterns and styles and can be set either on gold or silver.

Being one of the most popular engagement jewellery ideas, rings form an integral part of the  jewellery tradition. With the exception of metals and precious stones, numerous alternative varieties of  moissanite rings are made from silver, wood, and even glass at

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