Comparison between cold pressed oil and hot pressed oil

Comparison between cold pressed oil and hot pressed oil

Why Do We Need Face Oils?

Since the maturity and awareness about skin health became popular in India, multiple brands flooded the cosmetic industry with different variations of oils to add to your beauty regime. Beauty oils have been a part of the Indian culture since the early years of 2000. Every grandmother swears by its benefits and encourages all younger generations to opt for the same. Especially nowadays, because of the growing e-commerce industry and trade globalisation, we have more access and options to choose from. There are multiple benefits of using oils on a regular basis and some of them are as follows.

  • Oils help seal the natural skin oils and moisture within the pores, making the skin glow within.
  • Oils are easy to absorb and are highly moisturizing in nature.
  • Oils work as a natural skin primer to lather on before applying make-up.
  • Oils are also natural cleansers and are effective in quick and easy make-up removal.
  • They work wonders for your skin like reducing wrinkles and fine lines, treating enlarged pores, zit protection, etc.

How Are Cold Pressed Oils Different From Hot Pressed Oils?

Even though the use of oils as part of our skincare regime is very common today, knowing the right kind of oil to use or trust is becoming more difficult, especially due to the variety of options available today. There are at least 10 new start-ups every month that come up with different face oils, confusing the customers further. So how do we know what to trust? The pre-packed bottles by big brands or the natural oils from organic brands? Let us look at the key differences between the two before choosing one.

Cold Pressed Oil

Natural oil, also known as cold pressed oil, is a recent addition in the cosmetic industry built on the increased awareness amongst woke customers. Cold pressed oil is extracted from the natural ingredients available around us in their organic form, without much added alteration to their natural state. The entire extraction process involves a simple step of pressing on the seeds and plants until their natural oils are thoroughly excreted from them. They are then sold off to customers for consumption.

Hot Pressed Oil

Hot pressed oil, on the other hand, is highly processed and requires multiple heat treatments to form the desired oil for customer use. Because of the high heat involvement, the essential natural elements of these hot pressed oils are lost in the process. Additionally, it is known that hot pressed oils lose their genuine fragrance during the making and thus brands end up adding artificial fragrance in these oils, making them prone to attract skin allergies.

Pros of Cold Pressed Oil

  1. Aids and maintains good hair and skin
  2. Contains anti-ageing properties
  3. Contains anti-inflammatory elements
  4. Multi-functional as it promotes nail growth, scalp health, dark circles, cracked heels, etc.
  5. Reduces acne marks and scars gradually
  6. Comprises of therapeutic qualities

Cons of hot pressed oil

  1. Contains chemicals that can have adverse side effects on the skin
  2. Might contain preservatives to allow longer shelf life
  3. High acidic value as chemically processed
  4. Low nutritional value
  5. Might contain added fragrance and scent that can cause skin irritation

Overall, cold pressed oil is a clear winner here because of the multiple benefits it promises to deliver. Moreover, at present, India is known to have some of the best therapeutic cold pressed oils available in the country. A cold pressed oil might be a little expensive and have a shorter shelf life as compared to hot pressed oil, but the mere fact that it promotes natural skin health and glow is worth a shot. So, take the first step towards self-love by investing in a good cold pressed oil today.

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