4 Reasons Why Jewelry Will Never Go Out of Style

Have you ever been getting dressed for a fancy event or a simple day at the office, look at yourself in the mirror, and feel like you’re missing something? Your outfit looks good, but you just need that finishing touch. A great piece of jewelry is usually the answer. A nice necklace, a set of bracelets, or the perfect pair of earrings can do a tremendous amount to elevate a look and showcase your personality.

For centuries, people have been using jewelry to express themselves. From the extravagant pieces of the Elizabethan age to jelly bracelets in the 1980s to statement earrings in the 21st century, the pieces of jewelry may have changed, but the role of these accessories continues to serve the same purpose. Adding these pieces elevates your look, gives you another area to express yourself, and ties outfits together. It’s only natural to want some fun accessories and enjoy shopping at the jewelry store. And while trends may change over time, accessories aren’t going anywhere. Here are just a few reasons why these pieces will always be here to stay.

Accessories show off your personality.

Fashion has always been about expression. When you build your wardrobe, you want items that compliment your personality and showcase who you are to the world. As you go shopping for new clothes, don’t forget that jewelry can serve a similar purpose. Your accessories can be a way you define your style. Maybe you love to wear neutrals but can spice it up with colorful earrings. Maybe you’re into a boho-chic look and having rings on each finger adds to that. Maybe you’re really into Harry Potter and can get a time-turner necklace. The possibilities are endless, which means these pieces are here to stay.

One great way to showcase your personality through jewelry is with an initial necklace. Get an engraving or sterling silver charm letter of your name or someone close to you. Just wearing that simple letter around your neck can mean a lot to you and be a special reminder throughout the day of someone special. This can also be a perfect gift for a family member or your best friend.

Certain pieces are completely timeless.

While jewelry has changed throughout the years, there are certain pieces that are truly timeless. Pearl or diamond earrings, charm bracelets, engagement or wedding rings are all perfect examples. These serve as signs of love and affection and have been in style for generations. These timeless pieces tell a story and help you look classic, professional, and stylish all at the same time. That is a lot of history to try and undo, so it seems like these pieces will be around for the long haul.

Other pieces follow the trends.

While some pieces are completely timeless, other jewelry follows current trends and adapts to the changing fashion industry. Things like chunky bracelets, big hoop earrings, or choker necklaces were in style for a while, but now they seem out of a different time. If you’re looking up how to look stylish, you can always use these accessories to do so. They are a huge part of the fashion industry and should be on your checklist as you build your wardrobe.

The industry is huge.

The fashion industry is worth billions of dollars in the global economy. The jewelry industry is a big part of that, coming in at over . With an industry that large, there is no chance of it going away anytime soon, especially because different pieces can be used in so many different ways. Whether you’re getting dressed for special occasions or a regular Tuesday, you’ll need jewelry to complete the look.

Adaline Jackob

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