Importance Of Book Binding

Importance Of Book Binding

Book binding is a process of binding all the pages of a book so that they may not tear out from the book. In olden days these books were in the codex format which is written on other materials other than papers, sheets, they used a kind of vellum, papyrus kind of materials. In olden days when there were no computers or any other software pattern of writing about the content, many writers used to write their content and store in the pattern of book binding. Likewise, there are many designing companies which design the book binding one such online website which provides book binding is


Now let us discuss in detail about the historical book binding techniques which our ancestors followed they are:

  1. Coptic BindingThis method is very ancient method of book binding which involved sewing of pages and leaves together.
  2. Ethiopian binding:In this method it is similar to that of sewing of the multi-level of Coptic binding which has many pages inserted into them and then multi-level binding would be done.
  3. Long length stitching book binding:This method has multiple layers of binding the sections of books which would be done in parts.

And there are many other types of book binding which has their prominence.Now let us discuss about the types of the book bindings which are being sed now a days:

1.      Saddle stitching:

This one of the easiest methods of stitching the book or binding the book in which pages are overlapped and stapled together and bonded. This type of binding is used for books which have less pages like comic books, calendars, look books, magazines etc. which does not have many pages included in them.

2.      Perfect binding:

This is perfect method of binding the books with softcover pages like paper books, sling books and many more with less pages involved in them.

3.      Case Binding:

In this method of binding the binding would be done in a hard cover format in which all the pages are glued to the card board kind of book and then the book is being completely glued and the binding is done.

4.      Board Book Binding:

This method is usually done for kid’s books to create interest in them towards reading, in these pages are printed on the thick paper and assembled one by one and pastedon tohard card board.

5.      Wire Binding:

In this method all the pages are cut into single pattern and then wire binding is done on to the holes of the pages by binding them wire binding is done.

6.      Spiral Binding:

In this method is compact way of binding in which the circle wire is being rolled on to the punched holes of the papers.

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