Following Valuable Tips from a Blonde Hair Specialist

It can take a lot of work to make those gorgeous, eye-catching blonde curls look their best. If you’re not exactly a natural blonde, then the desired color and its preservation takes time, patience, and enough regular maintenance to make any car owner shudder. It’s a lot of fun, and once you know how to properly care for your hair, it’s not that hard to make it look fantastic.

Tips for whitening

  • Visit the salon! Bleaching your own hair is definitely an incredibly intense and disruptive process, and you shouldn’t risk having a checkout from your supermarket. Let the professionals take care of your hair and you won’t regret it either.
  • Go through the procedure slowly over time, not all at once. Too many people try to get the color they want on their first salon visit. If it gradually becomes lighter and lighter over several visits, then you are less likely to cause permanent damage to your own hair and more likely to get the look you want in a healthier way.


  • Touch your roots often. Go to the salon once a month to check your roots – nothing spoils great hair color like visible new growth that is noticeably different from color.
  • Use a magenta shampoo to color your hair auburn. If your hair starts to turn yellow over time, a lighter shampoo can properly tone your own hair and refresh its color. If this proves ineffective, talk to your stylist about toning and the best way to proceed.


  • Avoid shampooing your hair too often. Shampoo removes essential oils from hair and while adding its own nutrients, it will never be the same as what your own hair naturally produces! Hair powder can absorb excess oil for you personally and can help prevent dryness and damage, which is especially important if it has been discolored.
  • Use products for colored hair. Conditioners and shampoos for colored hair contain moisturizers and filters designed to protect against UV rays and the sun that bleached hair is prone to.
  • Use a deep conditioning treatment every now and then to keep your hair healthy after bleaching. It will revitalize your hair and then make it silkier and fuller even though it is dying.

Get the color you want, keep it looking great, and prevent damage with some of these stain and color maintenance tips from all4hairsalon. It takes a bit of work to go blonde, but the results are worth it. You’ll look great, feel good, and feel a surge of confidence wearing the color you’ve always wanted.

Adaline Jackob

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