Clean Beauty and the Long-Lasting Benefits for Your Skin

Clean beauty goes beyond sticking to a specific diet or a strict exercise routine. While these are healthy habits that are highly recommended, your quest for beauty is not complete if you don’t incorporate clean beauty into it. So what is clean beauty? Many people interpret clean beauty differently.  Below is our definition of clean beauty and its long-lasting benefits for your skin.

Clean Beauty According to Us 

We believe that clean beauty is eating right, exercising, and using the right skincare and beauty products on your skin. By right, we mean products that are made from non-GMO, natural ingredients that are effective, rewarding, and environmentally friendly. Skin beauty is adopting organic skincare routines to improve your health and natural beauty in the long run.

Ingredients That Make Up Clean Beauty 

We understand that when we talk about clean beauty, we should walk the talk. So we are committed to creating nothing short of clean products. Clean beauty skincare and beauty products are made from 100% pure organic components that moisturize, rejuvenate, and protect your skin for a healthy natural glow. Below are a few examples of organic ingredients used in our clean beauty products. Note that we list the international naming convention (INCI) or scientific naming system in most of our products.

Tea Seed Oil (Organic Camellia Oil) Tea Seed Oil is a skin-friendly oil that is light in texture and has moisturizing properties that heal dry skin and restores its firmness.  It is quickly absorbed into the skin and maintains its natural glow all day long. Tea Seed Oil is enriched with Omega fatty acids that soothe the skin and protects it against environmental attacks and redness.

Organic Sea Buckthorn Berry – This natural beauty product is an antioxidant that is enriched with vitamin C. It contains powerful properties that have been proven to improve skin elasticity and restore its firmness. Research indicates that Vitamin C properties in Organic Buckthorn Berry restore the skin’s natural tone by 80%. It also protects your skin from sensitivity and irritation.

Organic Rosehip Seed Oil – This organic seed oil is enriched with vitamin A that boosts uneven skin tone, restores its elasticity, and provides a comforting feel. It’s a moisturizer that retains the skin’s natural glow.

Toxic Ingredients That We Avoid 

We avoid using any of the following ingredients in our products because we are serious about our ideology, which is to create uncompromised clean beauty products that are safe for you and the environment. These ingredients include petrochemicals, mineral oil, petroleum, parabens, nanoparticles, synthetic fragrances, known toxins, and phthalates such as DEB, DMP, DEP, and DEHP. 

Clean Beauty You Can Trust 

Our ingredients are 100% naturally and ethically sourced from reliable, trusted suppliers who share our ideology. Whether it is a cleansing, nourishing or hydrating product, we make it with your health, safety, and beauty in mind. We deliver multifunctional beauty and skincare products that are fresh, toxin-free, and customized to suit your tastes.

Adaline Jackob

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