What is the role of eyelashes in our face?

A series of hairs that grow at the edge of the eyelids is called eyelashes. They perform many functions for our eyes and face. It is also a sign of beauty in our faces. If we talk in terms of cosmetics eyelashes are an important part of eye makeup. When a woman is getting ready for any occasion, eye make-up means a lot for adding beauty to her face. It is said that eyes are those part of your body that expresses your personality, feelings, and emotions in front of others. Their beauty is very important in every sense. Nowadays, it is trending to expose lashes during eye makeup. It enhances the beauty of eyes for which there are many types of eyelash extension kit are available in the market. They give a lavish look to your eyes. Usually at the time of wedding brides use the kit that makes their face photogenic. Eyelashes perform many functions for our eyes:

  1. They protect our eyes from dust, sand, and other small particles entering our eyes.
  2. They keep us safe from all kinds of harmful things that can affect our eyes badly.
  3. Their sensitivity brings an alarm for our eyes when an object comes close. They act as a gatekeeper for our eyes.
  4. It helps in keeping moisture out of the eyes like sweat and rain.
  5. It also helps in shielding the eyes from much brightness.

Eyelashes are the most attractive part of our eyes. People having long lashes naturally are said to be eye-catching for others. But if you don’t have long lashes then there is no need to worry longer. Many tools are now used in make-up that decorates, lengthens, and thickens the lashes. Eyelashes are like the other part of your body hairs. They fall automatically and grow again. Normally they took one month to six weeks to grow back. Long and thick lashes are a kind of blessing for us. People do many things for the thick lashes. They adopt many home remedies that make long and thick lashes. Eyelashes are very sensitive. You must have felt many times that when danger comes around your face lashes automatically get closed. It is the nature of them. When they find any warning around us, work to protect the eyes. Artificial or false eyelashes have become very common in women’s make-up. It is now the important part of eye make-up that makes them more beautiful and attractive. Medical makes it possible to transplant the eyelashes that look the same as your body hairs. They then continue to grow naturally. Eyelash curler and mascara are the two most common tools used for making beautiful eyelashes.

Conclusion: Eyelashes are an important part of our eyes and face. They perform many functions alone. Any kind of small particles like dust and sand can be prevented only by the lashes into our eyes. It is also now become an important part of our face beauty.

Adaline Jackob

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