Can blue-light blocking glasses protect the eyes?

Blue-light waves are present in all visible light that humans can see. These waves help the brain in remaining upbeat and alert. From the sun to a lightbulb, computer, or phone touchscreen, all these things are sources of blue-light waves.

Lack of blue-light waves triggers the production of melatonin hormone that helps in falling asleep. Thus, at times people start feeling sleepy after the sun goes down. You can find a product to handle these harmful waves on GogglesNmore.

LED screens continuously release a considerably more significant amount of blue-light waves than incandescent bulbs or fluorescent. And unfortunately, almost every tech product has an LED or LCD screen these days. Before the discovery of artificial lights, the sun regulated the sleep schedules of humans. But these days, smartphones and computers are a part of daily life. People remain exposed to blue-light waves even while sleeping, which negatively impacts our sleep as the body remains alert.

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Are these waves harmful?

Several studies have linked blue-light with blindness, digital eye strain, and other vision issues. American Osteopathic Association’s research also indicated that prolonged exposure to such light could damage the eye’s innermost layer (retina cells). A similar study by not-for-profit Prevent Blindness highlighted blue-light waves could lead to vision loss. Multiple studies have also linked exposure to blue-light with disrupted sleep patterns.

Can specially designed glasses help in protecting eyes from these waves?

Glasses that have special filters to block blue-light can absorb these waves as well as UV light and protect the user’s eyes. So, wearing such glasses while working on the computer, tablet PC, or phone can reduce the exposure to these waves that keep you awake and disturb your sleep. Many blue-light blocking glasses also prove beneficial when it comes to reducing eye strain. They are designed to be used at all times while using computers.

People who work on a computer for long hours after sunset and face problems while sleeping can primarily benefit from such glasses. If you are someone who uses the phone for several hours during evening and night, you should indeed consider buying the same.

Blue-light blocking glasses can considerably lower the harmful effects as per the National Center for Biotechnology Information. These glasses have become much more significant as most people work from home and use their computers and laptops. You can buy blue-light glasses or opt for a pair of prescription lenses with a built-in blue-light protection coating.

Blue-light blocking coating for prescription glasses

Glasses come with regular anti-reflective coatings. On the other hand, a specially designed blue-light blocking layer can reflect off a considerable percentage of HEV blue-light. Opting for this coating with prescription kids glasses can be an excellent idea to protect those little eyes that keep staring at computer screens due to online classes.

Coatings can make glasses look nicer. The front surface of these specially coated lenses often reflects blue-flash. Layers also control unwanted glare and reflections from reaching eyes. The investment in such a wearable can prove to be value for money.

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