Best engagement ring online for partners

Best engagement ring online for partners

One of the most memorable things that may happen in someone’s life is getting engaged. And what fits the perfect moment is the ring. With different styles and designs in the market. It will be very hard on what ring to choose. Traditional rules nowadays have gone out of the window. Today it is all about the person who will get engaged. The ring will reflect the style and taste of the person. There will be a ring perfect for everyone’s budget. So if you are planning to propose this year. Below are some ideas of what ring is available in the market.


Solitaire is one of the most classic styles of engagement rings. The name came from the only being one stone in the ring’s design. To show the ring’s beauty. A solitaire diamond most of the time is being mounted on a simple band with a claw setting. If you want a simple yet elegant style. This will definitely fit you. This ring will never go out of fashion. This makes it very unique.

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The cathedra is very popular. This has been a choice for the majority over the years. The style is very traditional and classy. The name of this ring comes from how the metal of the shoulders and shank curve up. This curve will support the diamond. The curves resemble the arches of the cathedral. The structure of the cathedral in this ring makes it a sophisticated choice.


Another popular choice when it comes to engagement rings is the halo. This is because it creates a dazzle while letting the middle stone shine. A row of small pave diamonds creates the halo surrounding the center stone. A halo setting is a gorgeous way to help a modest stone to look large. It can provide a beautiful contrast depending on the color of the gem you choose for the center stone.

Split shank style ring

The easiest way in customizing an engagement ring is by changing the band of the ring. While there are so many designs. One that stands out is the split-shank. The band of this ring divides in two leaving a small gap. The gap can give the ring a different feel to it. A large gap will give the ring an antique feel. The small gap will make the center of the stone look larger.

Double diamond style

Having two diamonds is better than one. This double diamond style has returned into fashion. This is due to the popularity of celebrities. The double stone represents the two people that are getting engaged.

There are so many engagement rings online. Rings that will fit your taste. So make sure to look for one before buying. Going online will help you decide on what fits best.

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