Choosing A Baby Moses Basket: Tips For Moms And Dads

Every parent wants their babies to sleep soundly. A baby should sleep in the same room as their parents for at least the first six months. Some parents put their babies straight into a cot or a bedside crib. For those who do not have much space in the bedroom, a Moses basket is the greatest option. It is perfect for use from birth up until around six months. The baby can then move into a cot in a room of his or her own.


Moses baskets have several features that can help soothe or entertain a baby. These are useful if parents are unable to pick the baby up immediately. Some parents have an older toddler that needs attention, too. Some features are not as necessary as the others. It is crucial to check which features you need before you choose a Moses basket.


Picking up and carrying a Moses basket is inevitable. That is why it is vital for a Moses basket to have sturdy handles. For those with more than one child, the handles should be long enough. It enables carrying the basket with one hand and the other child with the other hand.



Most manufacturers do not supply bedding with their Moses baskets. Check the dimensions before you buy any bedding to ensure a perfect fit.


Some materials are easier to clean than others. Choose a Moses basket with washable, hypoallergenic materials. This is much more practical than a wicker bassinet. It is impossible to wipe down a wicker bassinet well. Bassinet linings have to be removable and re-attachable. These allow machine-washing.


Most Moses baskets have a mattress already. The mattress varies per brand and model. Some are thicker and more luxurious than their competitors. Make sure to check if the mattress feels plush enough for a comfy sleep.


Babies outgrow a Moses basket in a quick span of time. It would be best to get a Moses basket with ample sleeping space. This will allow the baby to use it for up to six months.


It should be sturdy enough to secure the Moses basket. Some older kids might want to peek at the baby. The stand should not be easy to topple by these kids.

Storage space

Although most parents use a Moses basket for only up to six months, they want to keep it after that. It has a huge sentimental value that parents find it difficult to let it go. Some models allow easy storage by having a foldable design.

There are many manufacturers and shops offering Moses baskets. It is very easy to place an order online by visiting There are several designs to choose from. Playmats and other stuff are also available.

Adaline Jackob

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