Can microblading prove beneficial than using eyebrow pencils?

If you think your eyebrows are sparse despite trying stencil, gel, pigment, powder, and makeup pencils, you should consider opting for microblading. Put simply, microblading is a semi-permanent makeup on eyebrows. It involves pixelating pigment into the skin for shaping and correcting brows. Often referred to as a permanent fix for brows, its popularity is multiplying since the last few years. You can simply enter “eyebrow microblading near me” as keywords in a search engine to find the nearby clinics.

What about side-effects?

Every microblading artist is not the same. Those who attend conferences and conventions often implement the latest techniques and technology in their work. Thus, before choosing the clinic, read reviews about them, check the images of their work.

Most beauticians make the process as comfortable as possible for clients. Clinics also use a local anesthetic to deal with pain and soreness if required. So, there’s absolutely no need to think about pain as well.

Some of the known side-effects of this procedure are tenderness of the skin around eyebrows, mild bruising, and slight bleeding around the treated area. If you opt for a clinic with an experienced and trustworthy brow artist, you won’t have to worry about side effects. However, following proper aftercare procedures remains crucial.

Things to avoid

Don’t let brows wet for at least a week so that they can heal properly. You can get back to your regular makeup and skin routine once the skin appears completely healed.

As a precautionary measure against complications, beauticians often advise people to avoid too much alcohol consumption, sun, dust, and debris exposure. Patients are also advised to avoid using facial peels, scratching brows, or spending time in saunas for a few days after completing the procedure.

Patients who consume blood thinners are suggested to stop the medication a few days before and after undergoing microblading. Not stopping so can result in allergic reactions and other serious complications.

Retin-A or retinol products can fade pigments prematurely. Thus, most clinics also ask clients not to use products containing the same for a week before the procedure and 30 days post process.

How long do the benefits last post-treatment?

Results can last for up to three years. However, this aspect varies depending on the person’s lifestyle, beauty products usage, and skin type.

Charges for the procedure may vary depending on the clinician’s experience and location. As mentioned earlier, you can simply enter “eyebrow microblading near me” as search engine keywords to find top rated clinics nearby your location.

Adaline Jackob

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