How To Start A Career In Acting & Modelling

If the world of acting and modeling attracts and inspires you, and you have the right looks and attitude to pull it off, then you might just make it in this industry. A career in this field can be really exciting as well as equally challenging. Moreover, the perks of a job in this field are pretty high. A successful career in this field will lead to some extremely high paying job opportunities. However, it may take some time and effort to emerge from the anonymity of so many aspiring actors and models into stardom.

But if you do make it, then the the possibilities are endless. You could potentially become either of the following:

  1. An actor
  2. A model
  3. A TV show anchor
  4. A movie director or producer
  5. A theatre stage actor

or even an

  1. Actor in a Web based production


Before you start on this path, you need to be aware of all that entails in such a career. While there are a lot of advantages, there are just as many cons of joining this industry. Only after weighing all these pros and cons, you can make a firm decision of going forward in this field.


  • Fame and recognition
  • Money
  • Celebrity status
  • Global audience
  • Luxurious Lifestyle


  • No anonymity
  • Erratic work timings
  • Request for unethical favors
  • Lack of personal life
  • Lack of privacy

How to start your career?

Even after analyzing these facts, if you have made up your mind that this field is for you, then there a few simple ways by which you can get started.

  • You can employ the help of the numerous talent hunting and modelling agencies available. This is the easiest way to start your career, however, not the most efficient. To make this work you need to put in a lot of effort and time. Before you approach these agencies, you need to build up a portfolio. You can do this by either summing up some of your best photo shoots, in case of modelling or you need to show your acting talents in videos of past auditions and past projects in theatre or otherwise for a career in acting. You have to keep in mind though that a career in modeling usually requires a certain type of looks and other physical requirements that you might not fit into. Hence you need to be prepared for a few rejections and failures before you can actually make it in this field. In the case of acting however, you can make any kind of look work, if you just have the right talent, charisma or attitude for it. Modelling and acting agencies will go a long way in helping you network with the right people and also help you in building a professional portfolio. One example of such an agency based in Australia is that of Hunter Talent. You can click on this link, to find out more about them and connect with them.
  • Another much efficient way to showcase your talent is by getting yourself a professional degree in this field. There are a lot of colleges and universities offering courses in Acting and Modeling. These courses are usually anywhere between 6 months to even 6 years long. Although degree isn’t actually a requirement to get into the field of acting, having a degree shows that you have enough knowledge and that you are prepped enough to be given a chance in this industry. Potential actors in these courses are trained in things such as:
  1. Basic preparation exercises such as relaxing and sensitivity
  2. Overview of what acting is all about, what it takes to be good/great at acting
  3. Runway Modelling as well as Stage Presence & Movement
  4. Hair and Make-up and How to Look Great by showcasing your best profile angles.
  5. Language, speech and dialogue delivery
  6. Physical prowess in case of stunts

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