Australian Gifts: The Top Six Unique Gifts You Can Give

Australia has it all when it comes to captivating landscapes. It has wonderful beaches and awesome snowy mountains perfect for outdoor activities. The incredible national parks, rainforests, and deserts are all such a marvel. There are many reasons why people love to explore Australia. One of those is that the landscape differs from one state to another. Those who visit Australia usually want to take something home as a souvenir. Either to serve as a reminder of their time there or to give as gifts for their friends and relatives. There are many unique Australian gifts to choose from at gift stores.

UGG boots

This iconic piece of Australian footwear is perfect for winter. Oprah even approved UGG boots and it appeared on her Favorite Things list. It was in 1978 when a young Aussie surfer founded this brand of sheepskin boots.

Down Under Box

A Down Under Box is a package full of all the usual Aussie treats including Vegemite, Tim Tams, and Milo. There are three options to choose from. These are Aussie Chocolate Lovers Box, Aussie Classics Box, and Build Your Own Taste of Home.

unique Australian gifts

Dame Edna glasses

Dame Edna is Australia’s favorite housewife made famous by comedian Barry Humphries. It has become an Australian icon since its introduction in 1955. Dame Edna hosts her talk shows and productions on Broadway as well as the West End. Dame Edna is well-known to use a pair of flamboyant glasses. These glasses are great gifts for everyone who loves fashion.

Crocodile Hunter khaki shirt

The Crocodile Hunter shirt has a logo to pay homage to the late Steve Irwin. Most people know Steve Irwin as The Crocodile Hunter. He was an Australian zookeeper, TV personality, environmentalist, conservationist, and wildlife expert. He bled to death in 2006 when a stingray barb pierced his heart. This shirt is perfect for any wildlife warrior or those who love the outdoors. There are also sizes for children available.

Australian flag beach towel

This 60″x30″ towel is one hundred percent cotton. Printed in red, blue, and white with the Southern Cross, it is perfect for summer beaches.

AFL guernseys

Australians love AFL, there is no doubt about that. They love to wear guernseys to show their support for their favorite teams. A guernsey is a close-fitting shirt worn by soccer or football players. The difference between a guernsey and a jersey is that a guernsey is of woven cloth while a jersey is a knitted one. There are 18 AFL teams and each has its unique design and color scheme. There are also sizes for children.

If you are unsure of what to buy, you can get hand-painted items or customized fridge magnets instead.

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