Choosing the Right Dab Rig to Use

Before we discuss dab rigs, it’s better to understand first the process called dabbing. It is known as a safer and better alternative for inhaling smoke instead of using direct flame in burning or charring herbs, oils, as well as concentrates. It’s through dabbing that concentrates of herbs burn in a vapor-like manner as it makes use of convective heating instead of the usual conductive heating. It’s that manner of cooking concentrates that require a protective surface as opposed to burning it by flame. The apparatus that is used for dabbing is known as the dab rig.

A dab rig is a particular type of smoking pipe or bong which is used for smoking concentrates and oils, in a process which is known as dabbing. They may also go by the name concentrate rigs. The favorites of most created and designed in glass and they also incorporate water filtration within the pipes. The dab rig incorporates a process that comes in two steps. The first is to heat up a nail using a torch before dabbing concentrate extracts from various herbs on the nail surface. Once all these concentrates are found on the nail, the vapor may then be inhaled through the dab rig’s mouthpiece.

How to Choose the Best Dab Rig

The popularity of dabbing and dab rigs has brought in a lot of options so much so that you can easily find dab rigs under $50, but of course there are also those that are above $100. Not only will a first time user be overwhelmed by the assorted options but also by understanding the terms that are often associated with it such as nails, domes, and reburn. Just like any smoking device, there are dab rigs that are low-end, mid-level, and high-end. Of course, there will always be the simple dab rigs as well. If you haven’t used it in the past, you just have to be familiar that a basic dab rig kit needs three elements: a nail, a torch lighter, and a glass piece. The beginners are better off with the domed nails since they require less maintenance.

The Increasing Popularity of Dab Rigs

At present, the interest in the use of dab rigs has been increasing. It’s the same as other smoking apparatus such as water pipes, vaporizers, and recyclers. This rise in demand signifies that people are looking for a more satisfying and intense smoking pleasure. That’s why if you are looking for a dab rig it’s important that you will not settle for low quality glass ones.

The traditional dab rig is made of glass. This makes it easy to add more accessories and to vaporize concentrates. This is why you have to choose thick and top-quality glass for dab rigs. The miniature dab rig is the smaller version of the traditional dab rig which stands at only seven inches. The design of a mini dab rig is often more intricate  and it has a lot of curves in the pipe intended for cooling. It also comes with additional percolators which are essential for filtering.

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