Why you should choose Australian leather goodsover other products

Why you should choose Australian leather goodsover other products

For years, humans have used the natural wealth available in abundance on earth as a means of making products. Whether it be cotton or wool or silk, everything is at its core, a natural product with added chemical enhancements. If you’re looking for a material that is durable, comfortable, and long-lasting, you should not turn a blind eye towards Australian leather goods.

Process of leather manufacturing:

Humans have been using leather for centuries now. It is believed that the first use of leather dates back to 2000 BC. There are three fundamental stages in the leather manufacturing industry:

  • Preparatory stage: The leather is extracted from the animal. The extract is first cleaned and any residual hair is removed. Then the hair-free hide is set aside for tanning. Processes such as bleaching, liming, and deliming may also be done on the extract.
  • Tanning: Once the initial preparations have been complete, the leather is then set to undergo the tanning process. Tanning is done to stabilize the proteins present in the hide to improve its durability and make it suitable for real-life applications. Tanning ensures that the leather is flexible. Not tanning will result in hard and decayed leather.
  • Crusting: The third stage in the manufacturing process which is done to lubricate the hide. Chemicals and various coloring agents are added via the dyeing process.
  • Finishing: The optional fourth and final stage. It is a surface process that may include oiling or buffing operations.

Australian leather goods

Use of leather:

Leather finds its application in ad variety of fields in modern society. Black and brown leather belts are a common clothing accessory for both men and women. Leather jackets are also commonly worn by motorcycle bikers to protect themselves from the searing wind. Leather watches are a mainstay in the watch industry. It also finds application in American sports as it’s used to manufacture baseball gloves and American football. Automobiles also occasionally tend to ship with seats made of leather.

Perks of leather goods:

Here are some advantages of using Australian leather goods:

  • Durable: It has been proven that leather products last longer in comparison to other products as a result of the rigorous training process.
  • Good looking: Leather products are aesthetically pleasing. Most office employees prefer using leather products due to how professional it looks.
  • Natural: Leather doesn’t have any artificial chemicals and as such is completely natural.
  • Resistant: Leather products are highly resistant to wear and tear as well as several weather conditions. Whether rain or snow, a leather product won’t fail you.
  • Easy maintenance: Leather products are resistant to stains, dust, and dirt leaving you with one less to thing worry about.

There are many leather exclusive stores in Australia so it shouldn’t be that hard to find leather products where you live. With all the perks it offers, it’s probably time to switch to leather in half inventory.

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