How To Distinguish a Fake Supreme X Louis Vuitton Hoodie

There have been a drastically increased number of fakes targeting the world-famous Supreme X Louis Vuitton collaboration Hoodie. With ever-increasing popularity and public appeal and bubbling demand, the Supreme LV hoodie fakes are starting to flood the market alongside originals. Fake streetwear merely imitates the original masterpiece without understanding what the brand stands for, what the materials used are and the actual design of the piece. On its own, having replicas of the originals can even be viewed as a good thing. So long as they’re done right – but these fakes often market themselves as the original piece. That makes it even more important to be able to accurately distinguish between the original and the fake unless you accidentally spend the full price on a fake. Don’t worry; we’re here to help.

The logo is a dead giveaway

Typically, the logo is one of the most carefully crafted pieces of any Supreme product. The hoodie Supreme is no exception. Suppose the Supreme box logo is anything short of accurate to any original picture you can find online. In that case, it’s fake – there are no two ways about it. Different factories may have slight deviations, but the main points should still be there – no oddly slanted letters or different fonts. The logo should go straight-out on a line, without being either vertically or horizontally uneven. All letter should nearly touch each other and be filed in a neat line.

The fake pattern

Following with the particular brand trademark, this Louis Vuitton hoodie sports the LV famous monogram pattern all over. It is one of the main appeals of the hoodie and is also very easy to get wrong. Any repeating pattern will look different if the spacing is the least bit off. Keep an eye out for any hoodie that feels wrong – our eyes are very good at noticing and comparing patterns. For one, the overlapping L and V letters have a specific design, where the L is quite slanted, and the V is not. Attention to detail is what fake manufacturers typically lack, so be vigilant there.

The tags

The neck- and wash-tags will tell a story of their own. Most well-recognized brands prefer not to go big and flashy with their tags. Instead, they let the clothes speak for themselves. That’s why, often fakes will have exaggeratedly big tag text and won’t include finer details, such as a split in the middle of the text. Nonetheless, the tags should be up to a higher standard than the usual piece of clothing you buy. Make sure it feels right to the touch, and the text is accurate to a reference photo you have on hand. The Louis Vuitton Hoodie Supreme should have the same style no matter where you go and to the touch should feel like an authentic luxury product.

The price

The final element is the Supreme Louis Vuitton Hoodie price. If the price is too low, there’s practically no way it’s the original. This world-famous collaboration is ultimately a luxury item, as well as a collector’s item. It’s one which is going to cost you a pretty penny when you decide to buy it, so if the clothing seems affordable? Most likely a fake. Now, not all fakes are bad – some replicas imitate the original as accurately as possible with the design philosophy in mind, as well as using the same materials. The goal here is to create as accurate a replica as possible for the sake of mass appeal. The difference? A replica would never market itself as the original or charge excessive prices.

Keep these in mind and be vigilant, and you’re sure to get only the original Supreme products from now on, but if you don’t have enough money, don’t be afraid of buying supreme replica, just be careful in choosing the right one . Best of luck being an OG hypebeast!

Adaline Jackob

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