What To Consider While Buying Watches

Every woman has her own unique taste whether they are looking at clothes, watches or other accessories. Some women like to make a bold statement with fancy designer watches, while some like to keep it simple and wear watches that just serve the purpose – to keep a note of time. Others like watches to match every outfit, or watches embellished with couloured stones, diamonds, or the ones that have gold or silver chains for bands.

Over the years, watches have evolved from mere timepieces that tell the time to an accessory that allows the wearer to express themselves, just like clothes. Besides, watches can effortlessly increase your style quotient and enhance your overall look, allowing you to look your best every time.

Shopping for watches, however, can be tedious and confusing, especially since there are a plethora of designs and functionalities available from renowned brands. To make it easier for you to find the best watches that suit your needs, we bring you a list of factors you should consider before investing your money.

Occasion: When shopping for watches, it is important to understand what kind of watch you are really looking for and for which occasion. The occasion often plays an important role in the purchase decision-making. It’s always best to consider the kind occasion you plan to buy the watch for before you buy one like office wear, sports, casual meet with friends or party wear.

For example, for daily or office wear, some would prefer to stick to the classics, while for special occasions, watches with better aesthetics would be suitable.

Band Material: The second important thing to decide is the band material. If you are looking for a watch for daily wear, leather, rubber silicon, or stainless steel bands are the best since these materials are less likely to be affected by the sweat, and are long lasting. Unlike gold or rose gold, which are softer metals, stainless steel is highly resistant to scratches and dents, making it a perfect choice for an everyday working woman.

Moreover, some people may even be allergic to certain materials used in watch bands like gold or platinum.

While the overall look, craft and design of the watch often lures people into buying watches with band materials that are not comfortable, to make the best out of your investment, stick to materials that do not cause discomfort. Bottomline – wear something that is comfortable, reliable and durable.

Functionality: With the advancement of technology and innovation, modern watches come with a host of functionalities that one could only dream of a few decades ago. From chronograph watches that have stopwatches and even display date and day, to smartwatches that can even be used to read messages and answer phone calls without touching your phones, there are a lot of functionalities to choose from.

Consider what you will use your watch for and how much you are willing to shed out for your timepiece, before you make a decision. Are you buying a watch to go jogging and you need a health monitor, or do you need just a stopwatch.

Adaline Jackob

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