Homemade Masks and Remedies to Remove Unexpected Blackhead

Blackhead or pimples (also called comedones) are the imperfections that most often drive us crazy when they appear (since they usually do it when you LESS need them). And trust us, we understand your anger and despair. And in reality, a blackhead is generated from the obstruction of a pore in your skin (either with fat or toxic elements), so to attack it from the root you need to clean the area and leave it free of impurities. Do not know how to do it without investing in a product and without falling into the classic granny remedies? Here we reveal the various masks and home remedies that you can do in less than five minutes and that, according to Seven Reyes, aesthetic doctor and beauty expert, will manage to remove that grain that you hate so much

Homemade masks to remove a Blackhead

  1. Lemon juice and baking soda

Lemon is acidic and baking soda is an alkaline element. What you are looking for with this homemade blackhead mask is to do a peeling or exfoliation on the skin. If it is used, it CANNOT be applied more than once a week and it is for nightly use only, since care must be taken to clean the face perfectly and not to leave lemon residues since otherwise skin spots may appear.

  1. Green tea + white clay

This mask detoxifies, decongests and improves the appearance of pores after suffering a blackhead on the skin.

 As it does?Green tea has an astringent effect and is one of the few elements that helps to relax the microfiber of the pore (which although the pores do not close or shrink), this element helps to disguise the appearance that it is open and infected.

White clay attracts impurities to the surface: from excess oil to all the toxicity of the skin with a magnet affect that, when removed, removes everything that the blackhead created.

  1. Turmeric + honey

Believe it or not, honey has multiple effects on beauty, including helping to remove blackheads. This is because honey is antibacterial and together with turmeric it creates a soothing and anti-inflammatory homemade blackhead mask since it calms the mud area and protects the skin from irritations.

Remedy to disguise a grain

Ibuprofen (in gel capsule) is one of the best ‘spot treatment ‘ remedies to directly attack the blackhead. The inflammation disappears and, since the skin is open (due to this imperfection) it can enter the skin easier.

Home remedy to dry a grain

No, toothpaste is not the solution to dry that grain that came out before a date. The best thing is to add a little Caladryl (caldaria) in that spot and let it sit overnight. The next day this imperfection will not be noticed! It can also be applied as a mask once a week in the area with black or white spots. How does it work? It sucks the fat from the ‘infected’ pore and has an antistamine effect, so it will remove the red aspect of the mud.

Adaline Jackob

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