Shoe Styles to Wear With Linen This Summer

Shoe Styles to Wear With Linen This Summer

Linen is a perennially popular summertime fabric for good reason. Not only does it breathe easily while keeping direct sunlight off sensitive skin, it is also lightweight and less likely to feel cumbersome as the temperature climbs. The texture and drape of linen outfits can be a little different for people who have never invested in fashion-forward summertime wear before, though, and finding the right shoes and accessories to make the most of your look means knowing what styles work best with your new summer outfits.

Shoe Styles to Wear With Linen This Summer

Options for Women’s Footwear

These cheerful and comfortable summer shoe selections are destined to go great with a linen dress or top, while complementing jeans or leggings and providing a range of options for work, shopping, or even more formal occasions.

  • Wedge sandals are always popular during the warm months and provide more comfort and stability than many other selections with elevated heels, making them easy to wear all day
  • Womens white sneakers have been a go-to for country club settings, relaxed outings on the waterfront, and other organized warm weather activities for decades
  • Bright and innovating sneaker designs like the Puma Baskets line provide you with more options for athletic activities and other informal summer gatherings
  • Boat shoes provide an all-purpose selection when you need ladies flat shoesfor the season but you don’t want anything too complicated, and they are water resistant while being quick to dry when they do get soaked

Of course, there are also a lot of options for sandals and flip flops if you are just lounging around and enjoying the fresh air. It’s also worth looking into warm weather boots with ankle support if you are into hiking or other overlanding activities.

Men’s Shoe Choices for Linen Suits

Women are hardly the only people wearing linen during the warm season. Men’s shoe choices also pivot to complement linen during the summer, because both formal and casual summer menswear is often made from it. Linen suits are especially popular for those who have to dress for success in the workplace because they are made for comfort in the heat. Heavy leather shoe designs don’t help it do its job, though, and they also don’t always look the best. Here are some options to go with your linen outfits, whether you’re wearing them for leisure or for formal occasions.

  • Boat shoes are at least as popular for men as for women, and while you can find designs for each gender, many brands choose to make unisex models for this very reason
  • Rugged trail sandals are popular with men during the warm months, and high-end brands are often viewed as appropriate for outings and less formal workplaces
  • Summer sneakers for the golf course or tennis court are built to breathe and available in classic white or new designer colors
  • Light loafers made from breathable materials are often comfortable in the summer heat, and you can find colors made to work with light summer linen suit designs

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to expand your wardrobe while keeping yourself as comfortable as you can be. You’ll thank yourself when you are looking sharp and staying cool under that hot summer sun.

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