5 Ideas to prove why Backpack and Style go hand in hand!


Style is unique, it differs from person to person. For some it is going with the trend and for some it is more about comfort.

When we are comfortable with a particular thing, we tend to use it more, and at the end the usability aspect matters, that’s where backpacks win. Backpacks are known for carrying a lot of weight, for their durability, comfort and having pockets for everything. Backpacks are the tried and true carryalls that take us from school hallways to train stations and airports, back and forth on subways, and across mountain ranges. Just because backpacks are practical, doesn’t mean it lacks in the department of style.

Backpacks have always been a trendsetter. Designs now are stylish, practical, smart and features that cater to every lifestyle activity you can think of. There are ultra-durable backpacks for rough outdoor uses like hiking, biking and more such activities. There are tons of sophisticated backpacks for men and women for office use, including laptop bags. There are leather backpacks for college going crowd-good in quality, size and other personalities.

Gone are the days when using a backpack makes you look like a fourth grader. Let’s check out some awesome backpacks for men and women both that will never disappoint any of your attire. Let it be a Kurti or a formal outfit or anything else, you will find a backpack the perfect fit with all of them.


1. Travel Backpacks:

You may get a number of websites recommending you various types of backpacks, but finding the best travel bag that fits your needs and personal style can be tricky as travel backpacks are way different from a regular bag. While travelling, backpacks are something you rely on, be it a trek or any normal trip, to be well equipped is a must. There are daypacks, the most basic ones that come in small size, light weight, ideal for small hikes and the large sized with shoulder straps are for day trips. And then there are ultimate travel backpacks for people who crave adventure. These are made to carry almost everything you need. Such bags are well designed so that you find a classic option which is versatile enough to pair with any of your travel outfits.

2. College and School Backpacks:

The beginning of a new year at school or college calls for new friendships, trendy clothes, new style statements and of course new Backpacks. Most of us are very particular about backpacks, there’s a huge variety of backpacks available in the market and each one of us have different preferences, it’s important to find a bag that suits you the best. College crowd likes to carry bags that will go with their outfit and look cool. It’s all about comfort, space and style. Most of the backpacks are made with the same intention. College and School Backpacks come in attractive colors and patterns with huge space. An ideal backpack is difficult to find, a bag that can take care of your study material for sports equipment, some clothes, laptop etc., all this with the necessary stylishness. But no doubt, Backpacks, makes you ready for all adventures and fun!

3. Hydration Backpack:

Hydration backpacks are meant for those who prefer getting out in the wild and love adventure. The capacity of these bags is usually 2-10 liters. These are especially designed for hiking or running, so that one can comfortably ride bags on their back  while hiking or running. While adjusted properly, these bags don’t tend to bounce or rub.

4. Professional Laptop Bags:

There was no such concept of backpacks for business or office purposes a few years ago, but now people specifically look for stylish bags for office use. A well built, sleek and go to bag, best for young professionals. Along with regular use, people find such bags comfortable for office trips. Over the years, professional backpacks are not just limited to utility, but also it has started reflecting the sense of style. There is an amazing collection of the best laptop bags for men and especially women, so all the ladies out there, no more brown laptop bags and no more compromising with the limited use of office bags especially. Time to be happy! Laptop bags for office use come in huge colors and patterns complementing your every attire. Extra space at reasonable prices is a cherry on the cake.

5. Mini Backpacks:

As I mentioned earlier, the perfect backpack is comfortable, lightweight, and practical, yet doesn’t compromise style. Mini-backpacks are one among them. These are very much in trend these days, because while hanging out with friends or any outing carrying around minimum stuff gives an opportunity to do more things. There is an amazing collection of small backpacks that appeal to various style aesthetics. Mini-backpacks go with any casual outfit.

In the past few years, the sale of backpacks has increased, then any other bags. “Consumers have gotten really into the functionality of products,” Beth Goldstein, NPD’s accessories and footwear analyst.

There are two reasons why backpacks have got a huge spike:

1] Most of us prefer carrying backpacks as we can go hands-free.

2] Since backpacks are preferred by most of us, many brands are manufacturing fashionable and stylish backpacks.

Many studies have found that people prefer backpacks over any other bag as they face backache issues, on the other hand backpacks help them to get a proper back posture. There are tons of backpacks for men and women out there which are according to your usage, preferences and style. Brands these days are also focusing on both functional and fashionable designs.

One of the things that held us back from fully embracing the backpacker life was the notion that backpacks are inherently not stylish. But the trends and usability has proved everybody wrong.

Adaline Jackob

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