Show Your Mom That You Care – Fresh Blooms for Mother’s Day amidst COVID – 19 Pandemic

Mother’s Day is becoming more meaningful this year! Yes, COVID – 19 has put a spotlight on the different opportunities to celebrate Mother’s Day at home and show your mom you care. According to a recent research report published by NRF, 78% of people have reported that celebrating Mother’s Day is important to them this year and consumers are planning to send something a little extra special this year to their mom to make up the fact that they can’t take her out.

In this time of uncertainty, mothers are shouldering additional burdens to balance the work and personal life atmosphere at home. So yes, they do need some extra appreciation this year. Didn’t they?

Our florist in Charlottesville VA has come up with the traditional Mother’s Day flowers that make your mother feel extra loved.


There are no other flowers that are deeply steeped in tradition than the sweet-smelling, legendary rose. Traditionally labeled as Valentine’s Day flowers, roses have become a popular choice for Mother’s Day as well. They are elegant, fragrant, and luxurious, and for this reason, they are chosen as the special celebration flower to celebrate motherhood.

Mother’s Day

Roses, the Queen of flowers, are available in vibrant colors ranging from red to yellow conveying different meanings.

  • Red Roses – Passion
  • Pink Roses – Happiness
  • Yellow Roses – Friendship
  • White Roses – Calm
  • New varieties of roses are being introduced all the time. Check with your florist for the most beautiful and fragrant roses available.


Carnations, the flowers with fluffy and frilled petals, are often found tucked behind bigger blooms in a floral arrangement. But these beautiful blooms deserve to be featured prominently in your floral arrangement this Mother’s Day. Available in many different colors, carnations symbolize love, distinction, and fascination, and they make a great choice for a Mother’s Day floral design. Your practical mother will appreciate them for their cinnamon scent and their long-lasting quality.

Like roses, different colors of carnations also express different meanings. Light red carnations represent admiration, white carnation symbolizes, and pink carnations – Oh, they have an interesting story hidden behind the fluffy pink petals.

According to Christian legend, pink carnations first grew from the ground where Virgin Mary shed tears over Jesus’s death. And, this makes pink carnations a symbol of eternal Mother’s Love. No wonder this flower is a perfect choice to celebrate Mother’s Day!


Historically seen as a flower of new life, tulips are the perfect choice for new mothers. This seasonal flower symbolizes warmth, growth, youth, and vitality. They are available in different colors and convey these meanings.

Yellow tulips – Joy, excitement, and novelty

Pink tulips – The joys of motherhood

Red tulips – Romance and passion

Want something different? Ask for long-stemmed French tulips or the ones with fringed petals!

The Bottom Line

No matter what bloom choice you make, flowers are a great way to surprise your mom and show that you appreciate her for the sacrifices she makes for the wellbeing of your family.

At The Flower Shop, we accept Mother’s Day orders and are open for flower delivery in Charlottesville VA. Place your orders early to help us source the flowers you want. With COVID – 19, it’s challenging to have all the flowers in stock, so we recommend you choose a Designer Choice Arrangement, as they allow us to use the freshest and loveliest blooms in stock.

Adaline Jackob

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