Why Carnations Make a Great Floral Gift for Friends and Family

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Carnations are one of the most popular flowers in the world. People love the flower for its long-lasting freshness, delicacy, and gorgeousness. Even though there are different flowers out there that make a great gift, carnations are worth considering as well. Take a look at these 6 reasons why you should buy this flower from a florist in Toronto Ontario and send it to your friends and family.

Variety of Colours:

One thing that makes carnations attractive is their colours. There are different colours of carnations available, out of which you can choose one or combine different colours in a bouquet to make the gift attractive. Carnations are available in pink (symbolises gratitude), red (symbolises admiration or love), purple (symbolises royalty), white (symbolises purity), yellow (symbolises sadness). Not only those traditional colours, though! New varieties are being bred with amazing colour combinations and petal types.

Lasts a While:

Any floral gift that you offer to your friend or a family member should last for quite some time, so that the recipient can enjoy it to the fullest. Some flowers can easily wilt in a matter of days, however carnations can last for weeks when they are maintained well.  Carnations are perhaps the most durable flowers that you could buy from a florist in Toronto Ontario.

Reasonably Priced:

Carnations do not cost you a fortune. If you are on budget, purchase this flower as they are reasonably priced compared to other flowers such as gerbera and roses. Gifting carnations instead of common flowers such as daisies makes your purchase worth it.

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Unique Fragrance:

Beside the durability, what makes carnations great is their lovely scent. Carnations’ natural fragrance will attract anyone. The fragrance is not too strong, so you can confidently order this flower for flower delivery in Toronto. Its sweet smell wafting through an entire room will certainly make the recipient delighted.

Carnations have Great Symbolisms:

Carnations have different symbolisms tied to them. Their scientific name Dianthus Caryophyllusmeans ‘heavenly flower’. Carnations that come in different colours have individual meanings that are already mentioned above. While green carnations are perfect for gifting on St Patrick’s day, white and pink carnations are ideal for gifting on Mother’s Day.

Great for Bridal Bouquets:

Carnations are not just great for gifts, they are also a great addition to bridal bouquets. The large petals of carnations can certainly fill in space and complement the beauty of other flowers included in the bouquet. Discuss with the florist about the best flowers that go well with carnations, when designing your bridal bouquet.

No matter the occasion, carnations are a perfect floral gift that can be obtained from a leading florist. Talk to the experts and order your bouquet of carnations for same day flower delivery in Toronto to ensure that it is delivered on time.

Adaline Jackob

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