Beauty, Bling, and Making a House a Home

Making a House a Home

Those of us who love to surround ourselves with natural beauty are always on the lookout for ways to make our home pop. We don’t want to keep up with the Jones’s… we want to set the trends and watch the Jones’s struggle to keep up with us. From garden ware to house pampering, there are a handful of products that every beautifier need and one of those is moldable glue.

Moldable Glue and its Place in Beautifying

OK, so not everyone loves to bedazzle, but those that do will find an extra helping hand in moldable glue. This wonderfully versatile product from manufacturers Sugru goes above and beyond the call of duty to perform mini-miracles, all around your home.

Bling up your boudoir by adding stars to your ceiling, accentuating coving with rhinestones, or by sculpting your own curtain pole ends to add a demure touch. Make everything sparkle by molding your glue with glitter, then using it to cover tacks, pins, or other wall hangings.

One of our favorite ways to beautify your home with moldable glue is to use it in the bathroom or kitchen. Wherever you have an elegant white tile, you can use moldable glue between the slats as a grouting substance. Add a touch of any color of glitter that you like, and you have a high shine, glamorous finish that makes your tiling that extra bit special. It sets to a solid silicone that is totally waterproof. Your bathroom can look just fabulous, with a touch of something special.

However, it’s not just the multiple areas you can use it to protect, mend, or prettify your house that makes it such a versatile product. It is the many, many other uses it has, too.

Moldable Glue and High Fashion

One of the most obvious ways to use this product sensibly is for zippers. We have all had favorite coats or bags whose zipper has gone. Usually it breaks off in your hand after a few years of use… Bypass this by molding a new zipper opener out of glue. It will set solid and let you get another few year of use out of your favorite fashions.

Heels – we all know that pain, don’t we ladies… Your heels have been used to within an inch of their lives and now they are wearing down. Add a touch of moldable glue and play with it like it were putty to get your desired shape. Never again will you need to replace a heel and you can even match the color.

moldable glue

What About Beauty Products?

Moldable glue can even be used to repair broken beauty products. You can’t wear it on your face – but you can use it to mend yourfavorite compact if it cracks. One of our favorite beauty applications for this product is as a mirror fixer. Simply roll the glue up into little sausages and use it to push the broken mirror pieces back together again. No 7 years bad luck for you!

So, as you can see, Sugru have invented ap product that’s handy to have around the house. We will be adding it to the list of things we carry in our handbags, from now on. You never know when you are going to need a quick fix, on the go.

Adaline Jackob

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