How to bundle up but still look beautiful

Now that your summer clothes are neatly packed away and your closet is filled with winter essentials, it’s time to figure out how to stay warm without sacrificing style.

Here are 5 tips to rock your winter wardrobe.

1.  Learn how to layer.

Layering is an easy way to showcase your style while being comfortable in this cold weather. You don’t want to end up looking like Joey from “Friends” when he wore all of Chandler’s clothing, so make sure to follow these rules. Simple ways to layer include wearing a button-down shirt with a sweater over it, adding a baselayer under a dress or skirt, and putting a blazer on over a turtleneck.

2.  Add a winter hat.

It’s such a simple and easy thing to work into your look. And it will keep you warm too. Pair a colorful hat with a solid coat, or choose an animal print to add a little pizzazz. There are hats with pom poms on top and ones with tassels. You can even try out a beret.

3.  Stock up on scarves.

Scarves can be used in a variety of ways in the winter. Wrap one around your neck, or use it as a shawl. Scarves can even be tied around your head to keep it covered when it snows. Incorporate your scarf into your outfit so you can wear it all day, staying nice and cozy. Then, when you throw on your coat, you’re ready to go.

4.  Splurge on boots.

Fall is the perfect time to invest in cold-weather accessories, including fashionable boots. Knee-high boots pair well with a short dress or a skirt and tights, and ankle boots will rock with any pair of jeans. Even cozy snow boots can make a look stand out if you match the outfit correctly.

5.  Accessorize with faux fur.

It’s easy to find faux fur pieces to add to your wardrobe when the weather turns colder. Lots of stores carry winter coats with faux fur trim, fur vests, and even hats and mittens with fur detailing. But remember not to go overboard.

6.  Use your belts in a new way.

Belts aren’t just to hold your pants up. They can add a fun, new look to a sweater dress or even your coat. If you have a big, bulky coat, you can benefit from wrapping a belt around the outside. It will cinch your waist and add some shape to your physique.

Adaline Jackob

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