3 Ways You Can Achieve The Perfect Asian Wedding

Planning a wedding may be one of the most important moments in a couple’s life, second only to the wedding itself. It shows the engaged couple how to work together and plan out the day that will signify the rest of their lives together! With this in mind, it’s easy to see why the big day requires a lot of time and effort for the couple.

Apart from the regular planning that is already attached to traditional weddings, there is an added layer of challenge when you are planning an Asian wedding. There are so many intricacies and nuances in every culture that you really need to keep a close eye on everything throughout the whole planning process.

If you are already worried about working out the fine print of your wedding ceremony, we advise that you relax for a moment. We’ve created this article to help guide you in making the Asian wedding of your dreams! Bring out your pens and papers because we will list down the top 3 ways you can achieve the perfect Asian wedding. Here’s a spoiler: any one of these 3 will give you a stress-free planning session.

  1. Allot yourself enough time to plan and prepare

It already goes without saying that having a smooth-running wedding will rely hugely on how much you actually prepared. If you already have a date in mind, try to be flexible with it because you might end up under-planning if you are running after a specific date.

Once you get engaged, we recommend setting the wedding day to a minimum of 6 months down the road. This is so that you have ample time to get all your affairs in order, as well as choose the best supplier for aspects of your wedding.

If you try to rush your wedding preparations, you may end up with a lot of kinks on the wedding day. You would be stressed out and running around trying to fix everything rather than being fully immersed in your big day! This is why our number one rule is to never rush the process.

  1. Consider hiring an Asian wedding planner.

Hiring an Asian wedding planner does not mean that you would not have the opportunity to have a say in your big day! Quite the contrary, you get to call the shots with as little stress as possible. By entrusting your big day to the expert, you get to have someone guiding you and reminding you of the details you may overlook had you decided to plan by yourself. You will have all your affairs in order, from the food down to the Asian wedding photographer who will know all the right things to capture.

  1. Be flexible.

You can plan all you want, and even zero in on the tiniest details but, here is the hard truth: you will never be able to get everything down to a T. There may be surprise changes before the big day, and even during the wedding itself! The important thing is that, as long as you have the fundamental things locked down, you should allow yourself some room for change.

Being flexible and adaptable to change is incredibly important when planning a wedding. This encompasses all factors as well! You should be open to changing the date, downsizing the guest list, and other details that you may have already planned ahead for. Planning a wedding can bring out the best and worst in everyone, so we recommend that you walk into the process with an open mind and as much patience as your body can muster.

Adaline Jackob

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