7 Attention-Grabbing Fashion Trends to Take from The Milan Fashion Week Fall 2020 @bvictoriaangel

Victoria Barbara

The Milan Fashion Week Fall 2020 runways gave fashion lovers some amazing takeaways this year. In fact, there has been a revival in fashion, just like the Renaissance in the past. Designers set amazing fashion goals for the year like ruffled collars and a specific type of opulence that will make you stand out in the crowd. The fringe was a supreme hit, as well as leather in the colors of orange and butter.

7 Top Takeaways from The Milan Fashion Week Fall 2020 @bvictoriaangel

Victoria Barbara is a leading fashion blogger famous for her high-end fashion and street style fashion tips @bvictoriaangel. She says the Milan Fashion Week Fall 2020 came out with lots of creative trend-setting designs however the following is her take when it comes to the top trends that stood out this year-

1. The Fringe Statement- This year, many clothes have the Fringe statement with the capital latter F prominently noticed. These fringes were from silk to knit. The long tassels on the dresses did create a solid style statement for many.

2. Confection like dresses- Yes, models were strutting in layers of ruffles that made them look like dessert dresses. Italian brands made quite an admirable impression with these opulent dresses.

Victoria Barbara

this year. They reminded you of Marie Antionette and her dresses back in the olden days.

3. Burnt Orange Hues- The color hue of burnt orange dominated the runways at Milan this year. The noteworthy mentions here were the corduroy pants of Tod’s and super high waisted trousers by Salvatore Ferragamo.

4. Ruffled collars- As mentioned above, ruffled collars grabbed the limelight at Milan Fashion Week Fall 2020. It sure will become a popular embellishment for the Italians this year. They were added to standard suits as well as dresses.

5. Lilac- This is a carryover color from the spring season that will make its entry into Fall as well. Prominent designer houses of Prada, Boss, and Alberta Ferretti, offered the audience a wide collection of lilac-colored hues.

6. Butter colored hues- Like lilac, the butter-colored hues for different outfits did create a stir here at Milan. Sportmax and Bottega Veneta used it for their lineup and winterwear collections, respectively.

7. Big puffy sleeves- Big sleeves caught the attention of the audience in New York, and they came back bigger and better in Milan. Designers like Max Mara and Fendi used them generously in their line of clothing this year.

Victoria Barbara has shared other fashion insights on @bvictoriaangel and says that style and vogue are changing daily. In fact, the fashion world is so dynamic that it is hard for fashion lovers to keep up with the latest trends. She says the Milan Fashion Week Fall 2020 collection was outstanding, and it gave fashion lovers the above key takeaways that will help them stand out in the crowd with success. All the designs and patterns were unique, and different colors like butter, burnt orange, and lilac did steal the show with awe!

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