Upgrade Your Apple Watch With These Stylish Bands

Stylish Bands

Technology is on the rise now in the twenty-first-century technology is everywhere and watches are also a part of it. Apple watches are now making it easier for the users to make or receive calls and will allow the user to respond or send text messages using only voice commands as well as keeping track of one’s heart rate and blood pressure for those active bodies.

Apple Watches and Bands

If one is looking into purchasing an Apple watch, then one must keep in mind the strap. Apple watches are so versatile that one can pick out multiple straps and easily switch these straps out. Every strap can match any outfit on every occasion. Apple Watch straps have a variation of colors from solid colors to vivid multi colors or even camo. Apple Watch straps also come in different materials such as nylon, stainless steel, leather, gold, platinum, silver, tightly woven cloth, and silicone.

For the ones who prefer their watch straps to be a fashion statement the Fendi Selleria studded watch strap with interchangeable studs priced at three-hundred and fifty dollars is sure to give that extra edge to any outfit.

For the one who is a traditionalist with an edge, there is an Apple watch strap that will satisfy the fashion needs. The Shinola, Oxblood Alligator strap priced at two-hundred and twenty-five dollars is a leather band with an alligator print.

Apple Watches

For the true traditionalist, there is the Sonamu leather apple watch strap priced at One-hundred dollars. The Kate Spade Vachetta apple watch leather strap is for those who love leather but also love those pink hues priced at sixty-eight dollars. The Fossil apple watch strap priced at forty dollars, and the Casetify priced at fifty-six dollars. There is also a collection of straps such as the Luxe band collection, and the Velour collection is a collection of suede leather apple watch straps. Epsom straps are brilliantly colored textured leather bands that are stain and water-resistant.

For the ones who love rose gold, the apple watch strap sold on Etsy priced around fifty dollars is a bracelet inspired band. The rose gold Secbolt Jewelry band priced at twenty-four dollars and ninety cents on Amazon has a bracelet feel with shimmering rhinestones set into the rose gold bands, and the casemate metal linked stainless steel rose gold plated band is priced at twenty-six dollars and forty-nine cents on Amazon. These bands are absolutely gorgeous and it will stun those who lay their eyes upon it.

The Hermes edition apple watch strap is perfect for the cutting edge Sportster as well as the Nomad sport strap which is hypoallergenic as it’s made of silicone and it will stay in one place. These straps are priced for anywhere between seventy to one-hundred dollars to match excellently with that sporty character.

For the classy folk the Michele Watches, seven links stainless steel watch strap, and the Milanese muli-interlocked chain strap priced around ninety-nine dollars to one-hundred and fifty dollars are perfect for those distinguished individuals.


Every watch and band should have that accurate buckle to ensure that crisp, edgy, sporty, traditional or established style. Apple watches can not only change out the straps but the pins and buckles as well. From black stainless steel to rose gold buckles, picking the perfect buckle will be much easier than picking the strap. Most buckles are included with the straps, but with the right tools and the right knowledge, any watch collector will find that perfect style. Rest assured, the buckles will always complete ones look for that perfect style, edge, sophistication, or that splash of vintage flair

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