Top Ten Shoe Trends You Should Be Following In 2020

Shoes are one of the most important dress items; especially so for women. Ladies spend hours upon hours on the internet or going through malls, looking for the perfect pair of shoes that will complement a specific dress. Some shoes can be worn with multiple outfits, but some gems are only meant to be worn with a very special and specific dress.

To add fuel to the fire, the shoe industry is prone to trends and fads, just like any other industry. In fact, the trends that come in the fashion industry are much more sudden, and they evaporate much more quickly. Just make sure that you know your own fashion so that you can either follow the trend or not. If you know what you want, you can shop for the best online shoes Australia has seen according to it.

The trends for women’s shoes in 2020 are much different than the previous year’s trends. The designs are bolder and stand out more.


2020 is the year of the pointy tips, or that is what the experts are trying to tell us. Go to any fashion house or browse a website, and you will see pointy tips displayed across the display or in the latest shoe collection. Almost all the shoes for women are now coming with pointy tips. There are exceptions, of course. You cannot have pointy tips with slippers, sandals or sneakers.

2. Platform shoes

If you think that pointy tips are the only thing trending right now, then you are in for a big surprise. The next trend that is in 2020 is the platform shoes. You can go for platform shoes with or without heals, and it will still look stylish and chic. Also, the height requirement for women’s shoes is not an issue. You now have the freedom of choosing any style that you want with this type of shoes. Whether you want to go for the feminine type with heels or you want the masculine type with or without heels.

3.Heels that blow the mind away

This is something that you might be hearing for the first time in your life. It is a novel trend, and it has come to us in 2020 with a bang. Now you can wear shoes with the most out of the box, mind-boggling heel that there is and that is okay. If you have always wanted to try something with a transparent heel, then now is the time to try it out. Also trending are heels that are shaped like a cone, heels that are curved, and believe it or not, heels that are triangles and spirals.

4. Trendy accessories

Who does not like prints and different variations of colours? What you might not have expected was to have these things on your shoes. Bedazzle your shoes or wear them in different prints to match your dresses.

5.Shoe decors

This is something that the fashion designers have always disagreed on. Whether shoes should have decorations or not, how much decoration to put on them; these have always been debatable topics. But in 2020 it all comes together. Enjoy wearing shoes with various gems as well as embroidery in 2020.

6.Sports shoes

Whether you want to go for a jog or you want to attend a casual or semi-casual event, sneakers have always been a go-to for many women. This time around they are coming in fast. The reason why a lot of women do not prefer to wear them is that they do not know just how to rock them, but we are betting this will change in 2020.

7.Spring shoes

As far as spring shoes are concerned, many people have been waiting for some type of novelty to hit the stores, and they are in for a treat in 2020. Now you can rock a pair of open-toe shoes for a classy and official look while you can wear boots that go with jeans as well as skirts. You can even go for half-boots this year.

8.Shoes with Animal Print

Now, this is something that almost every woman must have been waiting for. Animal prints give a very exotic and stunning look to shoes and increase the overall effect. There are different opinions about them, but it’s all up to you in 2020.

9. Varnished winter shoes

The hit of the year has to be the lacquered shoes in 2020.They come in unlimited shades and styles and are becoming very popular, very fast. There is a lot of variety to choose from.

10. Knee-High Shoes

Last but not least, this is the year for all your knee-high shoes fantasies. Wear them in leather or any other material and rock them with almost every kind of dress. Just keep them away from the office, and you are good to go.


Now that you know what you have in store for you in 2020, you can easily match any or all of these trends with your personal style and create a fabulous look for yourself.

Adaline Jackob

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